Accidental Sexiness


Hugh Laurie on Conan December 10, 2008

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Sorry guys, I am in a rush this  morning but I wanted to show you guys Hugh Laurie on Conan last night.  If it gets taken down, I will re-up later.

Part 2


Kerri Russell on Conan December 9, 2008

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The gorgeous Kerri Russell was on Conan last night.  She chats about her new baby, her hubby who is a carpenter, the renovation of her new home, and what famous celebrity checked out her husband!

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Alan Rickman on Jimmy Kimmel December 4, 2008

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Brillian actor Alan Rickman visited with Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new movie, “Nobel Son.”  He chats about how much he loves Toby Keith, his sexy slow voice, his love of roller coasters and you even get to hear the sound of the perfect male voice!


Adrien Brody on Martha Stewart December 2, 2008

A beardy version of Adrien Brody visited with Martha Stewart today to help promote his new film entitled, “Cadillac Records.”  He chats about working with Beyonce, the sexy Cadillac’s from the 50’s, and his new house.

Watch as he helps Martha make some fruit infused vodka, yum!

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Ludacris visits Letterman November 27, 2008

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Singer/Actor Ludacris was on Letterman last night.  He chats about his new show named Battleground Earth on Discovery Network, hot group showers, Madonna, and his new cd.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am thankful this Thanksgiving for all my readers and for the possibilty to share the news that I care about with you all.  I hope you guys get mega stuffed with turkey and enjoy your time off from work with your friends and family.

While watching the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade something magical happened!   It was so wonderful I am sharing it with you all.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Seth MacFarlane on Conan November 26, 2008

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“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane was on Conan last night. I love hearing him do the voices of Stewie and Peter live!

He also chats about doing Carnegie Hall, he does an impression of William Shatner, and his dads journal.

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