Accidental Sexiness


Ricky Gervais on The View November 7, 2008

Ricky Gervais joined the ladies on “The View” today.  He is promoting his new HBO Comedy Special entitled, “Out of England” which will premiere on Saturday, November 15th.

They chat about Ricky’s experiences here in the U.S., being a fatter version of Tom Cruise, his new movie “Ghost Town,” being a pop star, and working with Tina Fey.


From Podfather to Blogfather! May 28, 2008

How many titles can Ricky Gervais have? The brilliant inventor of “The Office” is becoming a fellow blogger! Ricky has been spending some time across the pond making some movie magic. He has made two movies entitled, “Ghost Town”, “Men from the Pru” and a third movie where for the first time ever he is writing and directing entitled, “This Side of the Truth”.

How does this guy find time to do all that and blog?

Here is a clip of an interview where he talks about his role in “Ghost Town”

Click here for more video!