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Khloe is my favorite Kardashian! December 10, 2008

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Khloe Kardashian is against fur, and as most of you know so am I. So I am proud to say that after seeing the new ad above of her in her birthday suit for PETA, she is my favorite Kardashian!

“Everyone in the family wears fur except me,”Khloe said today during the unveiling of her PETA campaign.

Khloe also confesses she is trying to convince her other family members to give up fur.  But who will be the toughest to convince?

“Kim wore fur last night,” Khloe said. “I told her you cannot wear fur. It’s embarrassing.”  But sister Kimmy supports Khloe and was present today for the unveiling. “This is a cause really close to her heart,” Kim said. “She’s done an amazing job.”

Congrats Khloe for standing up for animals!


Lindsay needs to stop wearing fur! November 15, 2008

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lilofur lolofur2

Lindsay Lohan got a bag of flour thrown in her face today for wearing a black fur stole while in Paris.  Can’t say I blame them though.  I am completely against fur.

Lilo and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson were spotted at the V.I.P. Room in Paris where a French activist dumped a bag of flour on Lilo and called her a “fur hag.”

“There is nothing remotely ‘fashionable’ about the torture and death of animals killed for fur,” animal rights group PETA’s Robbie LeBlanc told in a statement following the incident. “Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all.”

Flour Power!

Flour Power!


Give peas a chance! July 15, 2008

Corey & Susie Feldman want you to give peas a chance! The couple who are active vegetarians want to spread the word. I refuse to watch their cornball tv show but give cred to them for this campaign.  I wish I didn’t hate pea’s so much!

Interview between Corey Feldman & PETA:

So how did you first get involved with PETA?

Corey: I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years now; I’ve been doing animal rights activist type stuff for that length of time. But the first project I did with PETA was about 6 years ago when I was doing The Surreal Life when I married Susie and did the Meet Your Meat Campaign.

What was it like working on that project?

Corey: It was cool—for me it’s really hard because as a major animal lover it’s hard for me to actually sit through that stuff. I believe those videos are made for people who don’t get it at all and need a wake up call. And if you’re already there, it’s kind of disturbing and kind of superfluous. I couldn’t actually watch the video—I had to basically narrate it with my eyes closed.

So what would you say to someone who thinks it’s just too hard to be vegetarian?

Corey: Well it’s a list of cop outs for everybody. Everyone’s number one argument, especially people who are hardcore carnivores; their number one reason is always “Well if you go back to the Bible, the Bible said that animals were put on this Earth to eat and that’s what they’re there for.” And I’m like, “Look guys, the Bible was written 2,000 years ago. We didn’t have science, we didn’t have technology, we didn’t have education, we didn’t have supplements; we didn’t have all these things. You were either eating raw corn stalk or cook an animal, so I get it. But we’ve evolved and the world, the Earth, the human race, it’s an evolutionary process and we must evolve as human beings. But I guess the big answer is there are so many options with meat substitutes where you can live a happy and healthy life and still get the taste requirements met.


Pam brings PETA propaganda to Oz! July 10, 2008

Pamela Anderson is not taking a break from protesting while in Australia for a 3 day appearance on Big Brother. She went into a KFC with a letter of protest.

Click here for more!


Alicia and Joan do Graham June 28, 2008

Sounds so sexy when you say it that way! Alicia Silverstone and Joan Rivers visit with Graham Norton. Joan was visiting London and got kicked out of a show called “Loose Women” for saying the “F” word on the air. I’m sure Joan must have felt right at home at the Graham Norton show where you would be sooner kicked off for not saying fuck rather than for saying it.

Click here for the rest of the interview!


Lisa Snowdon strips down for PETA May 10, 2008

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Dumb and Dumber May 6, 2008

Here is a video of the moron who claims that Lindsay Lohan stole her coat. Its not that I don’t believe her but wtf are you doing wearing fur?? Lindsay is the other idiot who steals fur then wears the fur.The coat should be donated to PETA. Nuff Said.

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