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Why so serious? December 8, 2008

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Train wreck Pamela Anderson was in Miami this weekend.  She hosted a party to celebrate her upcoming cover in “Ocean Drive” magazine on Saturday.

I do not understand why she chose to go dressed up as The Joker?  Can someone please explain this get-up to me?


Pam Anderson arrives in MIA December 6, 2008

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pammia1 pammia2 pammia3

Pamela Anderson, the new face of Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer line, was spotted arriving at Miami International Airport today.  Makes me wonder if Vivienne has seen Pammy’s style?  Her shirt says, “Danger inside this T-Shirt.”

I can see where she must have thought, let me knab that Pam Anderson before De La Renta steals her away!


Is Vivienne Westwood on crack? November 18, 2008

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She must be if this news I heard is true!  Pamela Anderson has been chosen as the new face of Vivienne Westwood’s spring/summer 2009 line!

Before all you people start chiming about how I’m probably jealous or whatever it’s so not the case. When I think of Pamela Anderson I do not think of high fashion.

OK Magazine is reporting that Vivienne herself was asked if this news and the rumor that Pam also cinched a six figure salary in the deal was true she said, “I can’t speak about it yet. But anything I would say would be completely positive.”

This must give Jenna Jameson and Shauna Sand something to hope for!


Holly Madison has a chocolate vagina! October 4, 2008

Holly Madison was on Chelsea Lately to chat about the new season of “The Girls Next Door.” She confesses she got her vagina made into chocolate for Hef’s birthday! Holly talks about the rumors with Chriss Angel, spin-off shows, Celebrity Apprentice, and Pamela Anderson!

Watch the season premiere of the “Girls Next Door” on Sunday!

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Michael Jackson to get beat up by Pamela Anderson! September 18, 2008

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It seems that the genius that is Michael Jackson has struck again! One of his bestest pals, David Gest (yes, the same David Gest that was married to Liza Minelli) claims that Michael Jackson loves to eat chicken at KFC and he thinks that by peeling the skin off of the chicken it makes the chicken organic!

David says, “When we hang out we visit antique stores, play Frisbee and go to KFC – he thinks if you peel the skin off the chicken, it makes it organic. He cracks me up.”

Recently it was reported that Pamela Anderson had enjoyed some secret dates with Wacko but I highly doubt they went to KFC. Anderson is a vegetarian and has protested against KFC for their unethical treatment of chickens.  Wait, what am I saying?  Those two never dated, although weirder things have happened in Hollywood!


Pamela Anderson let’s loose in Oz! August 26, 2008

It looks like Pamela Anderson is getting her make-up done by the same people who have been doing Aubrey O’days make-up!  She looks really bad here!

Pammy was in Australia to promote her new reality tv show called, “Girl on the Loose.”  During the press conference a guy who proclaimed was her biggest fan dropped his pants and had her sign his red undies!  She obliged and so he proceeded and said he slept slept in a big bed with lots of animals, and pulled out a chicken drumstick from his pants and munched on it.

“The things you get asked to do,” said Anderson, an animal rights activist, as she glanced at her manager.

“This is what happens. See, I create this image and this is what happens.

“I’m a girl on the loose damn it.”



Pamela Anderson wants to campaign for Obama! August 1, 2008

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Pamela Anderson visited Letterman this week. She is out promoting her new tv show for E! Entertainment channel. She also goes into conversation about all her husbands, her endorsement for Obama, and her involvement with magic.

Pam has no clue what Letterman is saying half the time!  I do however give her credit for not pimpin’ out her kids for her new reality show like “other people” ::cough:: out there.  The show premieres this Sunday.