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Alan Rickman: Solo in Soho December 16, 2008

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rickmansoho1 rickmansoho8 rickmansoho10

Yeah he is not really solo in these pix but the title sounded cute!  Alan is currently in New York sporting some rather tight pants yesterday.  I am sure all you fans out there don’t mind it one bit!  Rumor has it that he might be apartment hunting in the Big Apple.  That’s one more reason for me to consider moving there!

You can see Rickman in the theaters right now in “Nobel Son.”


The Cruise’s and the Beckhams = BFF’s November 29, 2008

bffs1 bffs3

Tom Cruise and his robot wife Katie Holmes have been seen all over New York City with their BFF’s David Beckham and his boyish wife Victoria this week.  If you think I am jealous, I totally am.  David deserves a hottie like me!

Ok seriously though, what happened to Katie’s identity?  She looks like a scared, submissive robot under the control of a Scientology nut disguised as a quasi-good looking guy who once was a decent actor.  Am I on crazy pills?

I hate Victoria’s pixie cut and her ratty fur has got to go. I forgive her though because she is usually so fashionably fantastic.


Valentino strikes again! November 26, 2008

valentinosjp1 valentinosjp2 valentinosjp3

It breaks my heart to post these pictures.  Seriously, I love Valentino and Sarah Jessica Parker but these pictures are horrible!  The tacky duo attended the opening night of the New York City Ballet last night.

Doesn’t Valentino have someone that can make him look less orange?  Doesn’t SJP have someone that can comb her hair?  Even her outfit is fug.  Come on guys, let’s get it together you are fashion icons!


Alan Rickman candid in New York November 20, 2008

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rickmanny1 rickmanny2 rickmanny3

Does Alan Rickman live in New York?  Seriously someone out there must know!  He is at so many New York events that I am honestly starting to wonder.

He was spotted on Tuesday leaving his hotel in the City.


Sarah Jessica Parker shops for public schools October 1, 2008

Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Jessica Parker want you to shop ’til you drop AND feel good about doing it! They kicked off the 5th annual “Shop for Public Schools” promotion today in New York City.

So to all my New Yorkers out there hit the stores! Over 200 stores are participating and donating part of their proceeds to public school libraries. This money goes towards helping pay for books, technology and other resources in schools that need it the most.

Vice Chairwoman Caroline Kennedy says, the money will help children “learn to love reading, improve their research skills and pursue their dreams.”

For more information click here: Shop For Public School

Click here for more pix!


Daniel Radcliffe premieres on Broadway! September 26, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe along with his “Harry Potter” co-star Richard Griffiths premiered, Equus for the first time on Broadway. Even though Daniel has performed his part in the show so many times he still gets nervous.

“It was funny because tonight I didn’t expect to be nervous because we’ve done all the previews, we’ve had all the critics here,” Radcliffe said after Thursday’s performance. “I thought, `Oh, we’ll do it tonight, it won’t be so bad.’ But I was terrified before we went out. I was like, `Omigod, this is it.'”

Daniel claims that the “jitters” is what keeps him on stage!

“The jitters should be there ’til the last night of performing — because the jitters are what get you on stage,” he said. “It’s the nerves that make it exciting and vital and make every show different.”

After the show, the cast along with about 400 people attended the official after party held held at a large party room inside a Chelsea Piers building on Manhattan’s west side.

Griffiths, who plays the role Daniel’s psychiatrist in Equus has this to say about him, “He’s growing up so fast — you couldn’t shake a stick at it,” the Tony Award winner said of Radcliffe. “And the quality of his acting is such that it’s taken big strides. And it’s terrific to see. He’s not a kid anymore. He’s a young man and he deserves whatever breaks that brings.”

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Cynthia Nixon does Penny Arcade August 22, 2008

Smokin’ red head Cynthia Nixon has signed on to do a British tv show!  She will play the role of performing artist Penny Arcade in an ITV adaptation of “An Englishman in New York.”  She will play opposite John Hurt who will be playing the role of Quentin Crisp.

Filming began in New York earlier this week.  Since the show is centered in New York, Cynthia won’t have to leave the comforts of home to be on the show.

I’m not sure if the show will be seen in America but it will be on UK tv in 2009.