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Russell Brand chats about scandal November 24, 2008

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rbgqRussell Brand finally breaks silence about the scandal on the BBC that ended with his resignation on Jonathan Ross being suspended.  He chatted with the folks over at MTV.

He chats about how his life has changed this year:

“I’m spending a lot more time in America now. I’m meeting a lot more attractive American people. And I’ve grown an inch. I don’t want to tell you where, because I don’t want to embarrass you.”

Who he’d like to meet:

“I’d like to meet Woody Allen. I’d like to work with him, because I understand that he ignores you through the whole process. That would be fun. And I’m very keen to meet the actress Gianna Michaels. She can only be described as an adult-film actress. I urge you to look at the work of Gianna Michaels. I would be very interested in working with her in any capacity. She’s a very gifted woman.”

Is he being considered for a “Pirates of the Caribbean” film?

“I’ve seen some talk about that matter, but I think they’re still writing the script. Nonetheless, I am having a skull and crossbones tattooed on each of my nipples in anticipation of the plotline. I just hope it doesn’t affect my other work in Jane Austen adaptations.”

About what happened with the BBC:

“I don’t think anything could be worth the amount of press it’s gotten. I think the privately owned media used it as a way to try to destroy the publicly funded BBC. And also, it occurred during a time when the only news was about the credit crunch and the recession. And also, print media is dying because people get their news online now, so newspapers have to enhance their identity through opinion and comment and campaigning. This was a good opportunity for them to do that. It was regrettable. I apologized for it, but the ensuing publicity was just about selling newspapers.”

Does he feel guilty about it now?

“No. Absolutely not. I apologized for it. For me, it’s over”

Will he stop doing prank calls?

“No. It literally made no difference to the way I view the world. I did a thing that was naughty. I apologized for it. What happens after that, other people can speculate about.”


Beyonce: Hot or Not November 6, 2008

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beyoncemtv1 beyoncemtv3

Beyonce was spotted earlier this evening in Liverpool where the MTV European Video Awards took place.  Wait is that really Beyonce or is that Sasha Fierce?

Beyonce/Sasha Fierce wore this weird robotic glove thingy on the red carpet.  Hot or not?


Rickrolling pays off! October 1, 2008

The “Rickrolling” craze is finally paying off for British pop singer Rick Astley.  He has become the surprise contender for best act ever at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool.  Astley, who has never been nominated in the history of the event is up against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, U2, and Tokio Hotel.

It’s all up to the fans though!  You get to choose the winner.  Click here to vote!

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New Britney album is coming in December September 15, 2008

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For all you Britney fans, the pop princess is coming back this December with a new album entitled, “Circus” just in time for her 27th birthday!  The Britney hype reached its peak earlier this month when she won 3 MTV VMA’s in Hollywood.

The first single from the album is called “Womanizer,” Jive Records said in a statement.

Will this finally give Britney thee “comeback” she’s looking for?


Dania Ramirez wants you to vote! September 5, 2008

Dania Ramirez is teaming up with the folks at Mun 2 to empower the Latino community to vote this November. The campaign named, “VOTE 4 UR Future.”

“Through this joint company-wide effort, Telemundo and mun2 are able to provide our audiences with the information and resources they need to become a vital part of the political process,” said Jacqueline Hernández, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo Networks. “By featuring celebrity voices and informative content, we hope to continue to empower and mobilize this important demographic to the voting polls during these upcoming presidential elections.”

The network will run a series of PSAs which will feature top Latino celebrities that resonate with its audience including Jessica Alba, Daddy Yankee, Paul Rodriguez Jr and Dania Ramirez.

Do it mi gente! Register to vote!

Check out some pix of Dania from last night at the MTV Tr3s Party:


Special VMA preview! September 4, 2008

MTV hosted a press conference for the MTV VMA awards at the Paramount lot in Hollwood today.  They wanted to give the press a little taste of what Russell Brand and MTV will bring to the masses.  To start with, a limo pulls up and out comes Christina Aguilera in some extra tell sexy heels promising to perform her new song, “Keeps Getting Better,” which is also the name of a best-of album she’s releasing in November.

“You’re going to get a first look and a first listen at my new image and my new sound,” she said. “The last album, the style and sound was about vintage glam — this one is all about the future.”

Next surprise guest who appeared from a fire escape in the New York backlot, rapper T.I.!  He also confessed he’d be performing a new song from his forthcoming lp, “Paper Trail.”

He says, “The people can expect action-packed pandemonium from top to bottom,” he said, before turning to Brand and adding, “Those are some impressive pants you’ve got there. Are they denim? I thought they were spray-on aerosol.”

Russie also broke the news that Kanye West would be getting over his strike against the VMA’s and will close the show!  Oh one more thing, did I mention that Kid Rock was there and he confirmed he’d be performing……..with Lil Wayne?!

I knew as soon as they hired Russell Brand to host this years awards show that MTV wanted to go with something BIG something fabulous!

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Russell Brand on Jimmy Kimmel

I fell asleep again and nearly missed this!  Russell Brand is doing the rounds to promote his hosting duties this Sunday on the MTV VMA’s.

Russie finally gets censored!