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Jennifer Connelly on David Letterman December 9, 2008

Let me just mention the elephant in the room, did Jennifer pick up an eating disorder?  She is severly thin in this clip.  She is normally so healthy looking but this clip shows a “too skinny” celeb.

She chats about almost getting arrested,  she shares memories about her dad who recently passed away, and her new flick.


Keanu Reeves: Hot in Hollywood December 7, 2008

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keanustill1 keanustill3

I have to say that these are some of the best pictures I have seen of Keanu Reeves as of late.  He was at Science and Hollywood Unite at Caltech at a screening of “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

I love that he is actually showing some expressions!


Emma Watson on Blue Peter December 4, 2008

Emma Watson is currently on the road promoting her latest movie entitled, “The Tale of Despereux.”  In this flick she plays the role of Princess Pea.

Recently she visited the BBC kids show, “Blue Peter.”  She shares a story about a mouse she found in her kitchen!  Eeek!  That is my biggest fear.  Don’t worry folks, she didn’t kill it she put it out in her garden.


Wow look at Wolverine!

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Here are some great shots of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.  Too bad we have to wait for May 2009 to see this flick!

wolverine1 wolverine3 wolverine2


Kate Winslet premieres The Reader December 3, 2008

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katereader1 katereader2

Kate looks gorgeous! Check her out at the premiere of her latest flick, “The Reader” last night! She looks great as a blond.

There was talk that “The Reader” would be a shoe-in for Oscar gold but critics who have watched the film are now saying that the film is a long shot for even a nomination.  I usually don’t go by critics though, I like to judge for myself.  And this film is on my “must watch” list.

“The Reader” hits theaters January 9th, 2009.


Alan Rickman premieres Nobel Son

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rickmannobel1 rickmannobel3

Alan Rickman and his gorgeous green eyes premiered his new movie entitled, “Nobel Son” in Los Angeles last night.  In this new flick Rickman plays Eli Michaelson, who wins the Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry as his son Barkley (Bryan Greenberg) find his life is in a major rut.

On the Eve of the awards ceremony Barkley is kidnapped and the kidnappers want the $2,000,000 in Nobel prize money.  Eli refuses and so the movie takes off!

Nobel Son hits theaters this Friday.


OoOoh la la, Keanu Reeves in Rome! December 2, 2008

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keanuparis13 keanuparis5

Keanu Reeves is in Rome promoting his new sci-fi movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”  Have you guys heard the latest gossip about him maybe starring in a third installment of the “Speed” series?  I swear that Hollywood has run out of movie ideas.

Would you watch another “Speed” movie is Keanu signed on?

Click here for a lot of pix!