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I don’t usually like Mischa Barton but… November 22, 2008

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These pictures of her at the landmark Grand Opening of Palm Hotel in Dubai with these amazing dolphins were too beautiful not to post.

If anyone out there has not had a dolphin experience I highly recommend it.  I participated in one while vacationing in the Bahamas and they really are such beautifully creatures.

dolphinm1 dolphinm3


Olivia Wilde does Women’s Health Magazine October 24, 2008

“House” star Olivia Wilde is the November 2008 covergirl for Women’s Health Magazine.  She talks about playing a bisexual M.D. with a terminal illness on Fox’s hit tv show “House.”  She says, “Not only am I dying, but I’m gay.  Now that’s a juicy role!”

Wilde just finished filming a goofy period comedy called, “The Year One” in Shreveport, Louisiana with Jack Black, Michael Cera and David Cross.    She says, “It was freaking cold at times, and there were a lot of unpleasant conditions, but I was surrounded by the funniest human beings I have ever met.  There was zero drama.”

Wilde became huge after she kissed Misha Barton during Season 2 of the O.C.  According to Women’s Health mag, the video of her steamy kisses with Misha have received over 100,000 hits on youtube!  “When I kiss a girl for a part, people think it’s sexy.  But if two guys kiss, suddenly there’s a backlash.  It’s a double standard.  Honestly, I think we’re all bisexual is some way.”  Wilde said.

When asked, who is on the top of her list for a rendevous?  “Angelina Jolie, hands down!”

Everyone wants Angelina Jolie!  To read the whole juicy article, pick up the November issue of Women’s Health Magazine!


Mischa Barton does Marie Claire UK August 20, 2008

Misha Barton is rockin’ the cover of Marie Claire Uk, Septmeber 2008 edition. In ther interview she confesses she doesn’t like celebrity websites.  She says, “I don’t look at gossip websites.  It’s unhealthy and its a large part of what drives people in Los Angeles crazy.”


Misha smothers her boyfriend! July 31, 2008

Misha Barton is enjoying the summer with her boyfriend Taylor Locke. She looks head over heels for this guy or really hungry?!

Misha has been quite busy, she has five movies completed for this year, You & I, Assassination of a High School President, Walled In, Homecoming and Don’t Fade Away and has two movies that are currently in pre-production for 2009.


Preview for Assassination of a High School President July 22, 2008

That’s a view of the Russian movie poster for this movie, there is no American poster released as of yet.

The most popular girl in school persuades a sophomore reporter to investigate the theft of SAT exams.

Release Date: September 12, 2008



Mischa Barton presents Hugo July 17, 2008

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I’m not a huge Mischa Barton fan in the least but she looks really good in these pictures. Today she is attended the Presentation of fashion label Hugo in Berlin. I love this dress!