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Miranda Kerr in Jalouse Magazine December 10, 2008

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mirandafrench5 mirandafrench7

Supermodel Miranda is featured in the latest edition of Jalouse Magazine nearly topless!  This is a French magazine and not sure you guys/gals can buy it here so here are the shots.

I’m not very fond of this shoot, I think she is a gorgeous chick but these pix don’t do her justice.  The only one I like is the one where she is wearing the hat.


Orlando Bloom NOT engaged! November 30, 2008

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orlandohotIs it horrible of me to be so happy that Orlando Bloom is not engaged?  I’m not trying to hate on that gorgeous girlfriend of his Miranda Kerr but you know a girl can dream can’t she?

His rep released a statement to US Magazine:

“These rumors are not true.”



Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr engaged?

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Yes, I waited this long to post this because I am in utter denial. The word on the streets is that Orlando Bloom and his gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend are now engaged!  And I’m devasted because I was convinced I actually had a chance.  (I hope you guys hear my sarcasm!)

The happy couple are currently celebrating in Venice.  They plan to wed sometime next year when they both have time.  Sounds romantic.

Miranda is such a simple girl she just wants the simple things out of life.  She recently spoke to Page 6 Magazine and she chatted about her future.

“I’ve always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen,” she said.

“My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch.  When this is all over, that’s where I’ll be.”

Yeah, with my man.   Lucky bitch!


Look who’s in Miami! November 15, 2008


Thanks to the lovely women of Victoria’s Secret for bringing all these fabulous celebrities to Miami! Anybody who is anybody is here. Tonight the girls of VS will be filming their latest fashion show at Miami icon hotel the Fountainbleu.

The Fountainbleu has recently undergone a major face lift and celebrated their grand opening last night.

Click here to see all the fabulous stars that attended!


Angels in South Beach! November 13, 2008

vs1 limamiami1

Good thing I’ve decided to stay home.  God help any woman walking down the streets of Miami Beach while these gorgeous Victoria Secret models are out promoting!  You know what I hate the most about these chix?

They genuinely look like they are great group of women!  Like anyone could go up to them and they would just be really sweet.  So not only are they drop dead gorgeous, smart, caring women but is it possible that they may also be nice?



Miranda Kerr does Ocean Drive November 12, 2008

Miranda Kerr Ocean Drive November 2008

Should I show off the total jealousy I have Miranda Kerr?  Not only is the Aussie Supermodel drop dead gorgeous but she is rumored to be engaged to one of my dream men, Orlando Bloom!

She is featured in Miami’s “Ocean Drive” magazine November 2008 edition.  I was shocked to find out that the new Victoria Secret’s fashion show is going to be held here in Miami!

“I’m really excited the show is in Miami; the Fontainebleau is such an iconic venue,” Kerr says. “And a show like this is so extravagant, easily the most theatrical thing we do.”

I wonder if her honey Orlando will be attending with her??!!  Time to get on my stalker shoes!


The ladies come out for GQ! September 2, 2008

All the sexiest ladies came out tonight in London for the GQ Men of the Year Awards. Thandie Newton’s hair looks like a rat’s nest and I love you Lily Allen but I am not feeling that hair-do!

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