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Lindsay proclaims, Sam is not single! July 26, 2008

DJ Samantha Ronson has been in Lindsay’s life for along time. She seems to be a positive point in her life and it doesn’t seem like she is going anywhere. OK Magazine reports that Lilo and Sam were partying it up at Shrine nightclub at MGM Foxwoods and when it was time for Sam to take over the DJ table LL decided to take over the mic and make the intro more personal!

“When the lights came out, she announced Sam and said, ‘And no she’s not single!'” an eyewitness tells OK!.

It seems like Sam is keeping her in check and is bringing some stability into Lindsay’s life. Even Lindsay’s mom has come out to say that Sam is a lovely person and is supportive of the relationship.

As far as Lindsay’s daddy is concerned he is not even invited to a private party she is throwing on August 8th for her family and friends at Hollywood’s Peninsula Hotel. He is apparently against Lindsay and her lesbian relationship. He does however believe in having a child during an affair and later denying that child publicly. I don’t blame her.

A source told British tabloid, the Daily Star: “Michael thinks Lindsay is just going through another phase and that she will end up getting hurt. He thinks it is embarrassing.” The 22-year-old Lohan is even believed to have hired extra security forces to make sure no uninvited guests show up and ruin the party.


Is this Lindsay’s sister? July 13, 2008

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Here is a preview of the interview that Ashley Kaufmann (Lindsay Lohan’s alleged sister) is giving exclusively to Entertainment Tonight. She talks about how she doesn’t want to meet Michael Lohan but she does want to meet her siblings. The poor thing looks JUST like him!

How long do DNA tests take?


Michael Lohan is a douche July 2, 2008

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For the sake of that poor girl Ashley, I hope this azz is not her father.

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Lindsay are you my sister? July 1, 2008

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Only a DNA test will confirm whether 13 year old Ashley is the daughter of Michael Lohan who recently confessed to Star Magazine that he had an affair with her mother Kristi Kaufmann . Do you think she looks like the other Lohan siblings?

Yeah, she totally looks like them! Michael goes on to say he if she does turn out to be his daughter he will not force his other children to have a relationship with her. He goes on further to say that if she is not his he will sue his ex lover for libel and defamation.  That poor girl caught up in all this mess.  Why didn’t her mom use a condom?