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Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand suspended by BBC! October 29, 2008

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Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are to be suspended and all their shows taken off air until the BBC has investigated their prank calls made on Radio 2.

Brand and Ross made a series of prank calls to Sachs, 78, famous for his part in Fawlty Towers. The calls were broadcast on Radio 2 as part of a Russell Brand’s pre-recorded Saturday night show.

During the calls, Ross revealed Brand had slept with Sachs’ granddaughter. More than 18,000 people complained to the BBC.

OMG these are two of my favorite British tv personalities! Please don’t take them away!

Sachs told the BBC that since the incident Jonathan Ross has “personally delivered a letter of apology and some flowers.”

Have a listen to the phone call!



Daniel Craig on Jonathan Ross! October 25, 2008

Gorgeous Bond star Daniel Craig visited “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” last night. He is promoting the latest Bond film that is about to hit theaters entitled, “Quantum of Solace.” He chats about his injury, picking new names for the next Bond flick, his 40th birthday party, and what he likes to do when he is not busy being Bond.

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Ricky Gervais on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross October 19, 2008

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Funnyman Ricky Gervais visited with Jonathan Ross on Friday to promote his new movie, “Ghost Town.” Ricky and Jonathan have the best banter!

They chat about stand-up, how he got started, Stephen Merchant, his mothers funeral, and turning down a role on “The Da Vinci Code.”

Part 2:


Sarah Silverman on Jonathan Ross October 18, 2008

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Jonathan Ross has proclaimed Sarah Silverman is the “funniest person alive, right now!” Sarah chats about going to therapy, being funny as a kid, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ricky Gervais tits!

Part 2:


Colin Farrell on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross October 11, 2008

It’s so great to see Colin Farrell back on tv.  I can’t recall when is the last time I saw him during an interview.  He sat down with Jonathan Ross to promote his new flick, “Pride and Glory.”  He also chats about his recovery, his sex tape, his eyebrows and him hitting on Dame Eileen Atkins

“Pride and Glory” will be released in the U.S. on October 24, 2008.

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Little Britain on Jonathan Ross September 27, 2008

Funny guys David Walliams and Matt Lucas from Little Britain are bringing their crazy sketch show Little Britain to the U.S with their new show, “Little Britain U.S.A.”

The sketch they show in the beginning is enough to get me to watch! Catch the premiere of “Little Britain USA” on September 28 on HBO.



Simon Pegg on Jonathan Ross

English comedian Simon Pegg was on Jonathan Ross last night to promote his new movie, “How to lose friends and alienate people.” Simon chatted about the upcoming Star Trek movie, gangsta talk, dancing, and working with some of Hollywoods hottest women!

Watching this clip is a must! Pegg gets up and shakes his bootay!

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