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Celebrate Christmas with Reese Witherspoon November 21, 2008

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Reese Witherspoon premiered her latest flick, “Four Christmases”  last night in Los Angeles looking gorgeous! That dress fit her like a glove and her hair was full of bounce.

She recently gave an interview to Parade Magazine where she opens up about a lot of stuff she usually doesn’t talk about.

She chats about her divorce in 2006 from Ryan Phillippe and her current beau Jake Gylenhaal.

On divorce:

“There are things in my life that are hard to reconcile, like divorce,” she says. “Sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of how it could possibly happen. Laying blame is so easy. I don’t have time for hate or negativity in my life. There’s no room for it. When you make wrong choices, you have to take responsibility for them: ‘What part of this do I own?’”

One this I love about Reese is how she makes it a point to not be like the other women in Hollywood.  She wants to be a role model to young women.

“It takes perseverance and determination for any young woman to navigate the movie business,” she says. “It’s deeply offensive when they are objectified, treated like sex toys. It’s so easy to get attention early on in your career when you promote only the sexual side of yourself. It gains you popularity, but it doesn’t mean anything. Five years later, no one knows your name, and you wonder why.”

Does she think she will re-marry again?

“Obviously, I’m not far enough out of being married to think about doing it again. You sort of reconstitute your family. You find a family, with people who come into your life for a reason.

“I definitely still have a capacity to love,” she continues. “Someone said to me once, ‘No matter what breakup you went through or what new love you find—the love you remember, like the love you now value, is yours. Whatever love you once gave to somebody else, it doesn’t go away. Even if it is only remembered love, it belongs to you.’”

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Prince of Persia Preview! November 13, 2008

Entertainment Tonight takes us behind-the-scenes of his latest flick “The Prince of Persia.” I don’t even care that his hair looks yucky long but his eyes are gorgeous!Yeah, not to mention that gorgeous body!!

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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal are loving London! October 13, 2008

Lovebirds Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted shopping in London this weekend.  Word on the streets is that these two are busy house hunting across the pond! They have viewed a number of properties, both apartments and townhouses, in the Mayfair area.

A real estate source tells the Chicago Sun Times, “Reese was extremely concerned about security issues.

“She seemed to particularly like places where they could enter and exit not directly onto the street. That’s not always an easy thing in Central London, especially Mayfair. But we were able to come up with a couple of places both she and Jake seemed to like.”

Reese has been visiting Jake in London while he’s been busy filming, “Prince of Persia.”


Please tell me Jake is wearing a wig! August 12, 2008

Here are some new pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal with his lady love Reese Witherspoon on set of the “Prince of Persia”in Morocco. I wonder if Jake is wearing a wig? That hair looks nasty…..but his body looks rockin’!


What do you get? August 11, 2008

If Encino Man and Gerard Butler had a baby it would be: Jake Gyllenhaal in new movie the Prince of Persia! Do you see it?

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Jake & Reese: My favorite couple! July 15, 2008

Reese Witherspoon looks so happy now that she is with Jake Gyllenhaal.  Just seeing the way he is with her daughter is so beautiful!  The couple is in Paris and they celebrated Bastille Day yesterday by watching fireworks.

I really hope this works out for them!  I’m cheering for you guys!


Reese goes shopping for a baby? July 8, 2008

Reese Witherspoon and her honey Jake Gyllenhaal are in London while Jake is filming a new movie entitled, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time which is based on a video game. She went shopping at French store, Aime Boutique.

Sho who is this baby she is shopping for?