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Hugh Laurie on Conan December 10, 2008

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Sorry guys, I am in a rush this  morning but I wanted to show you guys Hugh Laurie on Conan last night.  If it gets taken down, I will re-up later.

Part 2


Hugh Laurie on Ellen! November 19, 2008

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“House” star Hugh Laurie was on “Ellen” yesterday.  Doesn’t he look great in that pink shirt?  Why didn’t they let his character keep that sexy accent?

Wow it got hot in here all of a sudden!

Hugh chats about buying a house in the U.S., how Los Angeles has grown on him, dating Emma Thomson many years ago, and then he comes out dressed in a tuxedo to raise $ for Feed the Hungry!

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Hugh Laurie presents the BAFTA’s November 7, 2008

hughbafta1 hughbafta2

Hugh Laurie looked quite handsome last night!  When does he not though really?!  He was a presenter at last nights BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards.

Among those being honored last night were “Michael Clayton” star Tilda Swinton, Don Cheadle is this year’s recipient of the BAFTA/LA Humanitarian Award, and the recipient of this year’s Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film was the BAFTA-nominated actor and director Sean Penn.

“As a celebrated actor, director and producer, Sean has become a film icon over the past three decades,” says BAFTA/LA Chairman Peter Morris. “The roles and subject matter he chooses to tackle as a filmmaker are both challenging and inspiring to audiences worldwide.”


House celebrates 100th episode! November 4, 2008

house3 house4

Like I need an excuse to post pictures of Hugh Laurie and the fabulous cast of “House?”  The shows creator, cast and Fox executives celebrated last night in Fox Studios.

Is it just me or does Omar Epps not look amused?  He smiled in like one picture!


Flashback: Hugh Laurie October 9, 2008

Hugh Laurie has blown up huge in the U.S. with his hit television show, “House.”  Check out these pictures of Hugh on his wedding day to Jo Green in 1989.


Hugh Laurie on TV Guide Cover! October 8, 2008


Hugh Laurie on The Tonight Show September 17, 2008

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I’ve been so busy that I have not been able to upload this gem!  Thanks to TerryXmas for uploading to youtube!

Hugh Laurie was on Leno last week and it was just a hilarious interview.  I prefer him with his sexy accent!

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