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Emma Watson on Blue Peter December 4, 2008

Emma Watson is currently on the road promoting her latest movie entitled, “The Tale of Despereux.”  In this flick she plays the role of Princess Pea.

Recently she visited the BBC kids show, “Blue Peter.”  She shares a story about a mouse she found in her kitchen!  Eeek!  That is my biggest fear.  Don’t worry folks, she didn’t kill it she put it out in her garden.


Alan Rickman: Got Milk? November 19, 2008

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rickmanmilk1 rickmanmilk2 rickmanmilk3

“Harry Potter” star Alan Rickman attended the The Cinema Society & Details screening Of “Milk” last night in New York City. Why are there never any awesome events when I visit NY?  I’m seriously considering moving my butt up there!

Rickman returns to theaters in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” next year and he will start filming the highly anticipated Tim Burton creation of “Alice in Wonderland.”


Daniel Radcliffe on The Early Show November 18, 2008

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Daniel Radcliffe has been taking Broadway by storm with his wonderful performance on “Equus.”  I have heard he does a brilliant job and I’m so sad that I live so far from New York and won’t be able to see it.

Daniel was on “The Early Show” this morning to chat about “Harry Potter” and he answers fan questions.  He confesses that he shares my love of Central Park, his top 5 favorite bands, and whether or not he’d ever do a musical.


Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Trailer! November 14, 2008

Warner Brothers has released this new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” This one is even better than the last one!

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For all my pervy Harry Potter Fans…. November 10, 2008

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Have you been dying to see a picture of Daniel Radcliffe’s magic wand?  Finally someone snapped some pix and a vid of his magical member.  While I’d love to be the one to post them, I feel like a total perv!

I will leave it up to you guys, but if your gonna watch  make sure to watch the video.  That’s all I will say!  Click here for the goods!


Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Teaser!!! October 26, 2008

OMG check out the latest teaser to be released for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince!  Why did you delay the release WB???

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More Dumbledore! October 23, 2008

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Sir Michael Gambon who plays the role of Albus Dumbledore in the hit “Harry Potter” movies is having another baby! Yeah, it’s awesome new for him and for expectant mother set designer Phillipa Hart. Who would not be so happy about such great news?

His wife!

A family friend said: “Michael and Philippa are delighted that she’s pregnant again, but he is very worried about what his wife thinks of all this.

“He says it will cause him a lot of hassle if it comes out, but his private arrangements are so complicated he can’t really expect a completely smooth ride.

“He continues to see his wife and mistress, but is very secretive about both relationships. He may be getting on, but Michael is still a wizard with the ladies.”

43-year-old Phillipa gave birth to a boy with the 68-year-old Gambon last year.