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Keira Knightley is The Duchess June 25, 2008

…………not Fergie! These are recently released press still from the new film which stars Keira Knightley as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and Ralph Fiennes, as her husband. I personally love period pieces and find that Keira is perfect in them. Film will be in theaters September 8, 2008.

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Movie Trailer for “Mirror” June 12, 2008

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Synopsis:An ex-cop becomes a night security guard at a long-closed department store that was ravaged by fire. He discovers that the store’s mirrors harbor a horrific secret that threatens him and his family.(Yahoo)

The movie stars Keifer Sutherland and is a remake of a 2003 Korean horror film titled Into the Mirrors directed by Kim Sung-ho.

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New pictures of Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince! June 1, 2008

I can’t wait till this movie comes out! Yes I am a part of the group that has already read all the books and knows what will happen but it doesn’t matter. Each film gets better and better. During the Order of the Phoenix they made part of the film in 3-D and I hope that they do the same with The Half-Blooded Prince.

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Another Will Ferrell comedy, “Step Brothers” May 23, 2008

Here is your first look at this new comedy by the same folks that brought you Talladega Nights. In this flick he teams up again with John C. Reilly but this time they are step brothers.

The Plot:
“Ferrell plays Brennan Huff, a sporadically employed thirty-nine-year-old who lives with his mother, Nancy (Mary Steenburgen). Reilly plays Dale Doback, a terminally unemployed forty-year-old who lives with his father, Robert (Richard Jenkins). When Robert and Nancy marry and move in together, Brennan and Dale are forced to live with each other as step brothers. As their narcissism and downright aggressive laziness threaten to tear the family apart, these two middle-aged, immature, overgrown boys will orchestrate an insane, elaborate plan to bring their parents back together. To pull it off, they must form an unlikely bond that will finally get them out of the house.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Directed by Adam McKay
Starring Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly
Release Date: July 25, 2008


Gladys Knight and Who? May 22, 2008

Can you tell who The Pips are played by?

They are promoting for their upcoming movie, “Tropic Thunder”


Jackie Chan kicks butt at Cannes May 20, 2008

Jackie Chan wants to usher in a new generation actors for the Martial Arts genre. He is the executive producer of a new movie showcased at Cannes entitled, “Wushu”. Its about time too, poor Jet Li must be exhausted!

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New clips from Sex and the City!

If you don’t want spoilers then don’t watch these!