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Dane Cook in Australia! September 28, 2008

Comedian Dane Cook is in Australia to promote his latest movie, “My Best Friends Girl.”  He chats about his 2 million myspace friends, signing thousands of autographs on womens boobs, Sarah Palin, and who he would go gay for!


Dane Cook on Jimmy Kimmel September 24, 2008

Comedian Dane Cook was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new movie with Kate Hudson named, “My Best Friends Girl.”  He talks about loving meth, hecklers, and Dane Cook Day.


My Best Friends Girl premieres! September 16, 2008

New romantic comedy, “My Best Friends Girl” starring Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, and Dane Cook premiered last night in Hollywood. Hudson, who is known for her role in romantic comedies has kicked it up a notch with “My Best Friends Girl”, this is her first “R” rated film.

She says, “It’s a first for me because I’ve never been in an R-rated movie.”

“You get to curse a lot more and you get to have a lot more freedom and it feels actually closer to what you really are. Censorship is weird sometimes, it’s definitely confining so this was a lot more freedom.”

Comedian Dane Cook thinks this new flick has all the right things to make this flick a classic! He says, “You want to see two people that have chemistry and it’s always good when there are hurdles that they have to get over. We took a traditional rom-com and flipped it.”

“My Best Friends Girl” opens up in theaters on this Friday.

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My Best Friend’s Girl new clip! August 12, 2008

Kate Hudson get’s her azz grabbed in this clip by Dane Cook.  She’s got about a handful which is more than I expected.  ha ha  Is it just me or does Dane Cook’s skin look bad in this clip?

Movies releases on September 19th.


Clipz from the web! July 8, 2008

Today was such a busy day at work, I have not been able to get on here and give you guys my best today. So for all my readerz here are the best stories around the web!

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Madonna is worse than Satan! –> Yeah!

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T.V. Recap 5/22/08 May 22, 2008

Ok Ok everyone knows by now that David Cook won American Idol. I have most of the performances from last night on the vodpod widget on the sidebar and a few more.

T.V. Re-cap
American Idol with Carrie Underwood, Seal, Bryan Adams, Jonas Brothers, Donna Summer etc.
Atmosphere performs on Conan
The Kooks perform on Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Buffett interview and performance on Letterman
Al Green on the Tonight Show
Dane Cook on Jimmy Kimmel
David Cook interview on Fox and Friends
Julianne Hough on Good Morning America