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Hugh Laurie on Conan December 10, 2008

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Sorry guys, I am in a rush this  morning but I wanted to show you guys Hugh Laurie on Conan last night.  If it gets taken down, I will re-up later.

Part 2


Kerri Russell on Conan December 9, 2008

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The gorgeous Kerri Russell was on Conan last night.  She chats about her new baby, her hubby who is a carpenter, the renovation of her new home, and what famous celebrity checked out her husband!

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Seth MacFarlane on Conan November 26, 2008

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“Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane was on Conan last night. I love hearing him do the voices of Stewie and Peter live!

He also chats about doing Carnegie Hall, he does an impression of William Shatner, and his dads journal.

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Kanye West on Conan Interview!

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Kanye West was on Conan last night to promote his new album entitled, 808’s and Heartbreak.  He also chats about his fashion line “Pastel,” his unique fashion style, his most recent arrest, the problems with paparazzi, and his inspirations.

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Kanye West performs on Conan

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Kanye West performed his latest hit, “Heartlesss” on Conan last night.  I have to say, I LOVE this song.  Unfortunately the performance doesn’t live up to Kanye’s reputation.  He should have postponed it, he barely had his voice!  He must have lost it during his performance on the AMA’s because his performance then was awesome.


Hugh Jackman on Conan November 25, 2008

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“Sexiest Man Alive” Hugh Jackman is making the rounds to promote his latest flick “Australia.”  He was on Conan last night and I never realized how funny he is!  He brings Conan a wallet sized photo of his People Magazine cover!

He gives us an insight on Australian slang, horseback riding, and he gets down on the floor and does push ups.  I have never felt that someone deserves the title of Sexiest Man Alive until NOW!  LOOK AT THOSE GUNS!

This is officially my new favorite Hugh Jackman interview!

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Tina Fey on Conan! October 29, 2008

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Tina Fey was on Conan last night to promote the return of her hit NBC show, “30 Rock.”  She chats about meeting Sarah Palin, returning to SNL, letting her daughter watch “The Simpson” vs Dora, and all the great guest stars on this season of “30 Rock.”

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