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Val Kilmer for Governer? November 8, 2008

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Former Batman Val Kilmer has political aspirations!  He hopes to run for United States Governer of New Mexico.  Val plans to ask fellow actor turned politico, California Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He said: “I plan to sit down with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.  I’m approaching this as a serious endeavor. But being famous as an actor is one thing — they take no prisoners in politics.”



Undecided Focus Group October 17, 2008

My friend Ursula was on this hilarious clip from yesterday’s episode of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Ursula is the one who says she doesn’t have balls. Good job girl, but I know ya! You’ve got big cojones!

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Senator Joe Biden on The Tonight Show

Senator Joe Biden visited with Jay Leno last night. He chatted about odd facial expressions, terrorists vs. plumbers, negative ads, what happens when you have lunch with Dan Quayle, and his opinion of Sarah Palin.

It’s a funny interview!

Part 2 after the jump.

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Who is my favorite New Kid voting for? October 14, 2008

Yeah, I’m a New Kids fan get over it! Is there anyone out there not wearing an Obama shirt? ha ha Where do people even know where to buy one?

Yep, that’s Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block!

And who do Jordan and Donnie want you to vote for?


I don’t usually chat about politics October 12, 2008

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But this video really got under my skin. I have not talked about my particular vote in this election or who I believe or don’t believe. I post little random tidbits because quite frankly I feel everyone should be allowed to vote for who they think would do the best job possible.

But then I see a video like this and it really disturbs me. No wonder our Country can not move forward because a lot of people are still living in the past. I feel very strongly that if we don’t learn from the past we are destined to relive it in the future.

This ignorant fool went to a McCain/Palin event while holding a stuffed “Curious George” monkey doll. He made this monkey a lovely bandana that says Obama/Biden on it. Seriously, its 2008 and we still have people in America that are this racist, ignorant and revolting? He goes on to call the doll “Little Hussein.”

Do we really wonder why the rest of the world hate us? I am putting this video up on an entertainment site where I know a lot people will watch and see the face of racism.


Watch out Brokaw, Daddy Yankee wants your job! October 10, 2008

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Move over Tom Brokaw and Gwen Ifills, Daddy Yankee is taking over as moderator!  Well in Puerto Rico he did.  The 31-year-old reggaeton star helped moderate a televised debate Thursday among candidates for governor of Puerto Rico, in an effort to encourage young voters to the polls Nov. 4th.

Daddy Yankee read questions submitted through social-networking Web sites such as “Facebook” and “MySpace”, but went off-script at the end of the debate.

He has shown his support for McCain in the American elections because he says, McCain is “a fighter for the Hispanic community.”  I’d love to hear why he feels that way!


Eddie Izzard is awesome! October 7, 2008

Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest men alive!  He was on Graham Norton this weekend along with voice actor Harry Shearer who does loads of voices on “The Simpsons.”

In this first clip Eddie tells Graham that who could play the role of a psychotic quite easily and Harry chats about getting fired due to him saying, “Penis.”  Eddie also casually forgets who he plays in the new Tom Cruise flick, “Valkyrie!”

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