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Tina Fey does Vanity Fair December 1, 2008

D01 v3 Lifeline Fey 01

What a year it has been for “30 Rock” star Tina Fey!  Now she is being featured as Vanity Fair’s cover girl for the January 2009 edition.  She chats about her hugely popular SNL impression of Sarah Palin, marriage, motherhood and her baby NBC hit tv show “30 Rock.”

The photo’s were taken by famous celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

You can read the whole article here


Hugh Jackman is everywhere! November 26, 2008

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Australian hottie Hugh Jackman is on so many magazine covers I don’t know what to do! He is so hot and its about time he gets all this attention.

jackman hughempire

Check out covers of him in German Vanity Fair and Empire Magazine.


Did Aubrey O’Day pose for Playboy?

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aubreyIf the folks over at TMZ are right she did!  It’s kind of the next logical step for O’Day who got kicked out of Danity Kane for the “risque image” she was creating for herself and all the self-promotion she was doing.  So Playboy would not be completely out of left field.

A spokesperson for Playboy told MTV News that the magazine could not confirm or comment on the photo shoot. Attempts to contact a rep for O’Day were unsuccessful by press time.

A source tells TMZ the photoshoot took place yesterday all day in a Manhattan Studio and was photographed by celebrity photographer Markus Klinko and may feature lion cubs!


Lily Allen in Nylon Magazine November 24, 2008

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Lily Allen is back!  She is looking cute on the cover of Nylon Magazine for the first edition of 2009.  She is promoting her return to the music scene.  Her new cd, “It’s Not Me, It’s You” will debut in February 2009.


Orlando Bloom does InStyle November 23, 2008

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Orlando Bloom is featured in the December 2008 edition of InStyle Magazine. As the ambassador for charity Unicef he promotes how a minimum of $20 could make a difference in their lives of needy children.

obloominstyle obloominstyle2


She and Him do Paste! November 22, 2008

zooeypaste1 zooeypaste2 zooeypaste3

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward a.k.a. She and Him are featured in the latest issue of Paste Magazine.  Zooey who first became a household name for her acting in such movies as “Elf” and “The Happening” is garnering attention for being a singer and song writer.

“I’d rather be a songwriter than an actor.” Zooey says.  “I’m grateful I’ve been so fortunate to have success as an actor, but being a songwriter is just creatively so satisfying. I know this is silly because I’m 28 years old, but this is all new to me, to be playing shows—there are people who know the words to the songs and are singing these melodies that were born in my bedroom. It’s amazing to me to give them a life, and they go and live on their own. I feel like that’s sort of some little microcosm of what parents feel like with children.”

She & Him are being honored by Paste Magazine for “Album of the Year.”

For the full story click here!


Aaron Eckhart in GQ Magazine November 21, 2008


Aaron Eckhart has been picked as Villain of the Year for his role as Harvey Dent/ Two Face in The Dark Knight in the December issue of GQ Magazine.

He claims his mother and his accountant have banned him from dying anymore on the big screen!