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Carmen Electra visits Craig Ferguson December 16, 2008

The sexy Carmen Electra visited with Craig Ferguson last night to promote her upcoming guest appearance in the new Sandler flick, “Bedtime Stories.”  Does she age?  She looks gorgeous!

She chats about being honored for doing the 55th Anniversary cover for Playboy, the evolution of the bush,and she tells us what a merkin is!


Christian Bale in Total Film Magazine December 11, 2008

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What a way to ring in the New Year!  Christian Bale is featured in the January issue of Total Film Magazine.  The article chats about the new movie and all but I much rather focus on this picture of Bale.



Ricky Martin shows off his twins!

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I am still shocked at the news that Ricky Martin is the father of twin babies! The news just came out of left field really. But those little boys look just like their daddy. Check out the first pictures of Baby Valentino and Matteo.

Read more about the twins in the new People Magazine that comes out this Friday.  No juicy questions though folks.  He does not come out of the closet yet.  I wonder if he realizes that we won’t judge him?  Eh, maybe he just doesn’t care!  Enjoy those precious babies!



Aniston chats about Angie again! December 10, 2008

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Jennifer Aniston is talking about Angelina Jolie again.  Seriously guys, this is turning into the new Tupac/Biggie fight!

GQ editor Mark Kirby asks Aniston why she thinks people are still interested in the story.

Here is what Aniston said….

“The funny thing is that people don’t realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends,” she snipes. “No. But can you imagine? That’d be hysterical: I’ve got Zahara on my hip, and Knox….”

Woah…can’t wait to hear what Angie has to say about this one!


Miranda Kerr in Jalouse Magazine

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mirandafrench5 mirandafrench7

Supermodel Miranda is featured in the latest edition of Jalouse Magazine nearly topless!  This is a French magazine and not sure you guys/gals can buy it here so here are the shots.

I’m not very fond of this shoot, I think she is a gorgeous chick but these pix don’t do her justice.  The only one I like is the one where she is wearing the hat.


Lenny Kravitz in GQ Japan December 6, 2008

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Rock gawd Lenny Kravitz is featured as that January 2009 cover story of GQ Magazine Japan edition.  Although I have no clue what the cover says about him, I am sure it chats about how gorgeous and talented Lenny is.  Any Japanese readers out there care to help me out on this one?



Christina Applegate in L.A. Confidential mag December 3, 2008


The beautiful Christina Applegate has had a turbulent year.   The “Samantha Who” star was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

She is currently featured in the December 2008 issue of L.A. Confidential Magazine.  She opens up about many aspects of her life, most importantly her battle with Cancer.

LAC: You’ve been so brave and open about dealing with breast cancer, and already you’ve helped so many people. But has it been difficult for you? Have you wished you had more privacy with it?

CA: Well, there are two sides to it. One side is that this came into my life for whatever reason, but I can use it as an opportunity to help people. That’s the blessing in it and that’s the best part. It gave me a lot of fire. But it’s hard to talk about it in front of the world. I am a very, very, very private person, and I don’t talk about what hurts me, what pains me. I don’t talk about the tragedies in my life. I find that if you’re in the public eye you have to preserve yourself or you’ll lose all sense of yourself. But if I didn’t say, “Hey, this sucks and this hurts,” I’m not allowing other women to just relax into it. We sometimes feel like we have to be these warriors, and as the patients we end up being the caretakers for the people around us a lot of the time. One of the survivors I met through all this said, “If you can’t admit that this sucks, I can’t even talk to you, because the truth of the matter is: Some of this sucks.” But it’s also something we can get over, take control of, and move on from.

For the full article click here!