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Famous Pin-Up Bettie Page suffers heart attack December 5, 2008

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Famous pinup Bettie Page has been hospitalized and placed in intensive care after suffering a heart attack.

Her rep says, “She’s critically ill.” A family friend stated that Page is in a coma. When rep Mark Roesler was questioned he said, “I would not deny that,” but he would not comment further on her condition.

The 85-year-old suffered the heart attack on Tuesday and remains in the hospital.


Christina Applegate in L.A. Confidential mag December 3, 2008


The beautiful Christina Applegate has had a turbulent year.   The “Samantha Who” star was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

She is currently featured in the December 2008 issue of L.A. Confidential Magazine.  She opens up about many aspects of her life, most importantly her battle with Cancer.

LAC: You’ve been so brave and open about dealing with breast cancer, and already you’ve helped so many people. But has it been difficult for you? Have you wished you had more privacy with it?

CA: Well, there are two sides to it. One side is that this came into my life for whatever reason, but I can use it as an opportunity to help people. That’s the blessing in it and that’s the best part. It gave me a lot of fire. But it’s hard to talk about it in front of the world. I am a very, very, very private person, and I don’t talk about what hurts me, what pains me. I don’t talk about the tragedies in my life. I find that if you’re in the public eye you have to preserve yourself or you’ll lose all sense of yourself. But if I didn’t say, “Hey, this sucks and this hurts,” I’m not allowing other women to just relax into it. We sometimes feel like we have to be these warriors, and as the patients we end up being the caretakers for the people around us a lot of the time. One of the survivors I met through all this said, “If you can’t admit that this sucks, I can’t even talk to you, because the truth of the matter is: Some of this sucks.” But it’s also something we can get over, take control of, and move on from.

For the full article click here!


Christina Applegate will get special birthday gift November 6, 2008

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Christina Applegate has had a tough year, but don’t feel bad for her.  She is a survivor.

After going thru a double masectomy in July she will undergo reconstructive surgery at the end of this month,  just in time for her 37th Birthday.

“I still have quite a process until this is done,” she says in the new issue of TV Guide. “Yes, it’s hard. It sucks. But I’m not a victim.”

Ever since she was diagnosed she has changed her outlook on life.

“I started looking for a beach house the day I found out I had this little disease,” she says. “You just kind of go, ‘What are you waiting for to get the things that you want and the things you dream of?’

“I don’t own tomorrow or yesterday – today is all I’ve got,” she adds. “And if I don’t make today good, then I’m only gonna’ be pissed off tomorrow!”



Patrick Swayze goes back to Beast October 29, 2008

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Patrick Swayze, the man the miracle! Man oh man, how happy am I that Patrick Swayze beat the odds against pancreatic cancer! No he is not 100% cured or anything but he has made it so far!

10 months ago the “Dirty Dancing” star was diagnosed but it won’t keep him away from his love of acting. Swayze spoke to the New York Times about his new A&E series, “The Beast.”

“I do find myself, at the end of the day, riding home sort of catching myself with a smile on my face… I’m proud of what I’m doing,” he said.

Patrick has been fighting the disease with a combination of chemotherapy, an experimental drug called Vatalanib and “muscle-building shakes.”

“I’m still fine to work, I haven’t changed — oh, I have changed, what am I saying? It’s a battle zone I go through. Chemo, no matter how you cut it, is hell on wheels.”

What keeps him going?

“How do you nurture a positive attitude when all the statistics say you’re a dead man?” Swayze said. “You go to work!”


Sophia Bush for Health Magazine September 30, 2008

“One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush is Health Magazine October 2008 covergirl!  She confesses that by Hollywood standards she is considered “curvy” even though she is a size 2!

Really, a size 2 is curvy?  Where does that leave the rest of us?  I’m 5’4″ like her and I’m a size 8!

“It’s weird: In our business, I’m a size 2 and considered curvy!  It’s important to remind young women, ‘Listen, even skinny girls have cellulite, even Halle Berry has cellulite, and what you see in photos isn’t totally real.’ ”

Staying fit, she says, is “the reason I’m not a smoker or a big drinker, and it’s why I’m getting more active. For me, fitness isn’t about wanting to be rated with Jessica Alba on the ‘Hot 100’ list. I want to be able to hike the mountains of California with my grandkids.”

For the full article pick up October’s Health Magazine on newsstands tomorrow!


Christina Applegatee has breast cancer August 2, 2008

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The 36 year old “Samantha Who” star has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her rep has confirmed the news but nothing further has been said.

I hope they found this early enough and she will be ok. Our prayer are with you.


Kim Kardashian wants you to feel on your boobs! July 26, 2008

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Don’t be perverts its for a good cause!  Kim Kardashian’s grandmother suffered from breast & colon cancer over 15 years ago and is now a survivor.  Kim K is using her fame to bring awareness and encourages all women to do breast exams regularly.

Don’t think this is only a warning for women, men can get breast cancer as well!  Many people do not realize that men have breast tissue and that they can develop breast cancer.  For more information on male breast cancer click here.