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Alan Rickman: Solo in Soho December 16, 2008

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Yeah he is not really solo in these pix but the title sounded cute!  Alan is currently in New York sporting some rather tight pants yesterday.  I am sure all you fans out there don’t mind it one bit!  Rumor has it that he might be apartment hunting in the Big Apple.  That’s one more reason for me to consider moving there!

You can see Rickman in the theaters right now in “Nobel Son.”


5 Responses to “Alan Rickman: Solo in Soho”

  1. leslie Says:

    Thank you thank you for these wonderful pictures… this man is so gorgeous. I just watched him last night in Quiby Down Under… hated the movie… loved him. Love him in anything.

  2. Jeff Knooren Says:

    He’s not apartment hunting. He’s still looking for his detonators.


    Leslie says: you hate the movie.>??? why??

  4. Anna Says:

    damn he is so hott, i really like his pants, its weird cause i just bout tight pants, and they are like grayish black HMMM

  5. Solomon Says:

    Oh how I would love to get into I mean try on a pair of those pants I have loved this man for years Thank you for the pics made my day

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