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New Bachelor Jason Mesnick is engaged! December 10, 2008

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jasonThe new season of “The Bachelor” has not even started yet but Jason Mesnick has confessed that he is already engaged!

Jason is such a sweet guy and I was so surprised that DeAnna did not pick him.  But apparently everything works out for the best.

“I’m engaged!” Mesnick says. “I found exactly what I was hoping for, what I was looking for. I’m completely in love.”

Jason also confesses that he was surprised that DeAnna and Jesse broke up.  He said, “I was shocked. I thought they were going to make it.”

Mesnick has an adorable 3-year-old son (left) named Ty from his first marriage.  “I was not looking for a mom,” he says. “I was looking for a partner for me and a mentor and a friend to Ty.”

He is such a sweet guy, I hope his new reality tv hook-up will be the one!

Check out the new season of “The Bachelor” on ABC, January 5th, 2009.

For more of the drama on the Bachelor, make sure you check us out on our new site,!


7 Responses to “New Bachelor Jason Mesnick is engaged!”

  1. Bryanna Says:

    You Are A Horrible guy for leaving Melissa like that! you DEFINITELEY showed us all that you are not a mature adult and i feel bad for your son ty for having to grow up with such a bad rolemodel and father! I would also like to say good luck to Molly because i know it will not be easy to live with someone who is as stupid as you!

  2. Hannah Says:

    I dont like Jaon anymore because on the final rose finale he picked melissa then dumped her on national television the took off with molly!!!
    How could you even do that!
    I cant believe it I thaught Jason was a good guy. And I thaught he would pick melissa and spend the rest of his life with her. But I guess, I was completely wrong!!!

  3. Kyle Says:

    I don’t see why you didn’t pick Melissa. You looked like you were in love with her. Molly is so fake looking. She was always trying to say the right words. You deserve better!

  4. jill Says:

    except stupid stupid jason went and broke melissa’s heart!!!! i was so excited when he was asked back to be the bachelor, and then the season finale just ruined my view of him. i don’t wish unhappiness to anyone, but i hope karma comes and bites him in the BUTT for what he did to poor mel. 😦

  5. I agree ladies, I feel like slappin’ him silly!

  6. Rose Says:

    I really thought that you and Melissa were a great couple but if you think that you are better off with Molly then I stand by you but I think that you and Melissa make a better couple!!!!

  7. Ro Says:

    Melissa deserves better. She is a naturally beautiful women and i wish nothing but the best for her. It broke my heart to see this happen to her on national television. Jason ain’t about sh–. I hope that his relationship fails with Molly. She is a big fake and I don’t think is is mom material.

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