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DMX busted! December 9, 2008

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dmx A warrant for DMX was issued yesterday by the Maricopa Country Sherrif’s Office after he ditched a hearing last Friday in Arizona in an animal-cruelty case.  Now I knew that he had been seen in Miami very recently and with that $5,000 reward money for any tips I started digging.

But someone beat me to the punch.  Guess where he was found?  Chillin’ at Scott Storch’s house in Palm Island!  Yeah you guys KNOW that Scott needed the money and ratted him out.

“He was arrested in Palm Island in Miami Beach at a private residence there,” FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela confirmed to E! News.

“It’s not a federal case, and it’s highly unusual for someone charged with a third-degree felony to have the FBI execute the warrant,” Cohen told E! News. “I think [Maricopa deputies] probably didn’t trust the local authorities to get the job done.”

I hope this maniac gets put behind bars and stays there for along time.  Lock him up with O.J!


One Response to “DMX busted!”

  1. jsal Says:

    hahaha, too funny. put that dog in his cage!

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