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Madonna for Louis Vuitton December 4, 2008

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I don’t know why Louis Vuitton picked Madge for their campaign but I have to say that I love the bag she is sporting in picture #1!

Madonna is wearing head-to-toe Vuitton for this shoot including that leather mask she is rockin’.  She was photographed by Steven Meisel.

madgelv1 madgelv2


7 Responses to “Madonna for Louis Vuitton”

  1. Grown to detest her. Totally.

  2. Me too but I am loving bag #1

  3. N76 Says:

    She’s 50. She’s on top of her game. She’s outselling any other artist on tour that is young and she’s showing them how to do it. She adopted a child, she built schools in Africa, she paid for a documentary to highlight the plight in Africa, she sells children’s book for charity, her new album opened number one in over 2 dozen countries and she’s about to break the world record for the highest grossing tour of all time. She’s living her life, living her dream, breaking barriers and she’s not doing anything to stop your success. She is just doing her thing and you sit here and waste energy on the negative.

    • She’s 50, mother of 3, showing her vadge to massive audiences while allegedly sleeping with a married man. Even if she isn’t sleeping with him she played a role in his divorce. A-Rod is a pig too so don’t think I am only blaming her.

      I give her props for what she does for charity but seriously she does it for her image.

      I am not doing anything to stop her success, I was merely commenting on her latest photoshoot.

  4. Agreed, but what is the theme of this photo shoot? Like I am so confused how this scene and Madonna’s wardrobe represent the bags and LV brand?

  5. Word. I am not a hater, just saying her game is whack. She is not as great as everyone makes her out to be, especially her psychotic fans.

  6. darla Says:

    she is eerie looking,nothing in that picture wd induce me into leaving the house,let alone buying anything she is touting.

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