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Flight of the Conchords nominated for Grammy! December 4, 2008

conchords I want to congratulate Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clemente, better known as “Flight of the Conchords” for their Grammy nomination!

This is a 2nd nomination for the folk parody duo, they one in 2007 for their cd, “The Distant Future.”

They are up for the Grammy in the “Best Comedy Album.”  They have some touch competition against George Carlin, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, and Harry Shearer.

The Grammy’s will be televised on February 8th.  Also the guys return to HBO this January!

Good luck guys!


2 Responses to “Flight of the Conchords nominated for Grammy!”

  1. jsal Says:

    yesss, they are the mother flippin best. they will surely win

  2. doulangel Says:

    umm, why are they all furry?

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