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Kate Winslet premieres The Reader December 3, 2008

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Kate looks gorgeous! Check her out at the premiere of her latest flick, “The Reader” last night! She looks great as a blond.

There was talk that “The Reader” would be a shoe-in for Oscar gold but critics who have watched the film are now saying that the film is a long shot for even a nomination.  I usually don’t go by critics though, I like to judge for myself.  And this film is on my “must watch” list.

“The Reader” hits theaters January 9th, 2009.


6 Responses to “Kate Winslet premieres The Reader”

  1. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Kate does look fab. Love her classic screen-goddess style. Have you seen her Vanity Fair cover for this month and the spread pics?
    Would love one of these photos for my blog series category Black Dresses…

  2. Yes I posted the pictures of her in Vanity Fair! I love those pictures so much I have kept them saved. She really looked gorgeous!

  3. thewitcontinuum Says:

    In comparison to Kate’s beautiful layout in Vanity Fair, have you seen Jennifer Aniston’s choice of layout to GQ? Trying to find the right word for “yuck” (although I do not dislike Jen, I just wonder at her choice here). What do you think?

  4. I have seen the cover of GQ with Jennifer Aniston. I do not think we could compare the two covers. Kate’s cover is so classy! The epitome of beauty.

    Now as for Jennifer Aniston’s cover, let me go on record to say that I am not one of her biggest fans. I don’t have anything against her, none of this team Angie etc. But I just don’t find the hype with Jen. I find her acting flat. I have not seen anything that she’s been in that I’ve liked.

    I do have to give credit where credit is due. Jen’s body looks slammin’ on that GQ Cover. But it’s not really anything that “stands out” for her. She has done nude covers before.

    What makes me laugh is that she did the cover to help promote her new movie, “Marley & Me.” A “family” themed movie being promoted by a naked star. Probably not the best choice.

  5. thewitcontinuum Says:

    Hey, I was thinking the same thing! Why nude exposure for a PG family movie? That’s why I question her choice here. Plus, I think Jen’s photos objectify her too much in a men’s magazine. Frankly, there was just no need. Peace.

  6. Yeah I think she is trying too hard to get attention. Maybe next she will pose nude for Playboy to promote an animated movie or something!?

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