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What celebrity forgot to shave her armpits? December 2, 2008

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If it’s one thing you can’t forget before a major event is to shave your armpits!  What celebrity lost her razor?


It’s Beyonce! Her whole outfit had it going on until she ruined it with underarm hair. Not attractive!

beyoncearmpit1 beyoncearmpit2 beyoncearmpit3


7 Responses to “What celebrity forgot to shave her armpits?”

  1. sandra Says:

    omg!!!! its hair on a woman’s body…….stop the mofo presses……ppl are so weird about hair its hilarious and sad all at once.

  2. Yes its hair on a womans body but seriously this was a major premiere! This is not like it was Beyonce at the movie theaters or Beyonce at the grocery store.

    This is her movie premiere! She looked gorgeous minus the armpit hair.

  3. doulangel Says:

    omgosh! that is freakin disgusting. ya, women have hair, but no body wants to see it, especially pit hair!

  4. travis Says:

    oh please… people can hate all they want she’s still a NOTCH 10 plus no one would notice if it was’nt magnified times 2

  5. oh no no oh no oh no no (please pronounce it the way Beyonce used to sing)

  6. Mr. Schick Says:

    She didn’t forget, that’s 3 or 4 days of forgetting. I guess Jay-Z likes them hairy pits.

  7. cris Says:

    hahahahahahahaaha..ill lick her hairy arm pits ! =)

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