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British Office set burns down December 1, 2008

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The famous location where the original set of “The Office” was filmed between 1999-2003 was destroyed by a major explosion today.

Firefighters were called to Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire, south England this morning to tackle the fire that had engulfed the buildings following the loud explosion.  Police do not think that foul play was involved but the case is still under investigation.

No word yet if Michael Scott is being investigated.

UPDATE: I received an email this morning from a source that confirms that the Trading Estate is ok and not destroyed as first reported by O.K. Magazine.

As per an email I received “I can confirm that the Trading Estate has not been destroyed and is continuing to operate as normal. The incident which took place on the morning of 1st December was contained very quickly.  With the exception of some temporary road closures, no other services on the Estate were affected.”

This is great news for Office fans around the world!


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