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Robert Pattison does not wash his hair November 30, 2008

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rpIn Breaking News today, “Twilight” mega star Robert Pattison does not wash his hair!  He says, “I don’t have much of a sense of personal hygiene or styling or anything. I gave up washing it a while back.”

I highly doubt that is going to change how all  you ladies feel about him.  I mean look at all the love Keanu Reeves gets and he allegedly doesn’t even bathe!

Does it change the way you feel about Robert?


38 Responses to “Robert Pattison does not wash his hair”

  1. Taylor Blue Says:

    It makes him sexier.. YIKES… did I just say that?

  2. Heard a similar rumor about Brad Pitt not washing his hair.

  3. Brad Pitt does not wash I do not think. Not at all. He always looks dirty!

  4. kid Says:

    Don’t care….

  5. doulangel Says:

    considering i don’t know who he is other than reading your blog, no. but that’s just about as gross as matthew mchotty not wearing deoderant.

  6. Suzy-Q Says:

    Okay he is STILL hot but….that’s DISGUSTING :O

    Who doesn’t wash they’re hair????


  7. Shi Anne Says:

    I Honestly Dont Care..
    He Is Stilll Freaking Gorgeous To Me..
    I LOVED Him In HP..
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVED Him In Twilight..
    I Mean..
    Its His Own Personall Dicission..
    It Doesnt Make Him A Totally Different Person..
    I Mean..
    If Someone You Knew Admitted They Were..Gay Or Lesbian..
    You Wouldnt Hate Them For That Personal Dicission..
    Why Not Like Robert Because He Doesnt Wash His Hair???
    [also, i am not against gays nor lesbians, in fact my step sisters mom has been lesbian for years now ever since my sis was 5]

  8. Hannah Says:

    I lovve you Roberttt !! You are amazing whatever you look like , BECUASE YOU ARE G O R G O U S !!!. I lovee you so much!

  9. Hannah Says:


  10. yuryuyyury Says:

    ewwwww thats nasty go wash your hair you discusting freak!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jackie Izso Flye Says:

    I’m just going to take a stab in the dark and call this post out…That is a redic statement and I think people are way too obsessed with pop culture…Maybe we should get lives and stop worrying about others life styles whether they are drop dead gorgeous or not…I’m just saying.

  12. If you are not into pop culture why read a pop culture blog? I’m just sayin…….

  13. breeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    Now that he has new hair it looks sooooooooooo much better
    not soo… greasy, but he was and always will bee smmexxi,
    I don’t think one little rumour will change thousands of girls opinions..
    But it may.

  14. sO hOT Says:

    It really doesn’t matter weather he washes his hair its his buisness if you don’t really care why would you comment about it if your not a BIG fan of him!!!i

  15. Mariah Says:

    i honestly think he is gorgeous no matter what! i’m totally obsessed to him and him not washing his hair doesn’t bother me one bit. he’s still the most gorgeous person everr! i love youhhh roberttttt! your biggest fan right here! ❤ 😀

  16. Eder Says:

    wat ever he decide for his ownself, we should respect it, as we know him by / thru his talent..not by hair or watever..respect this man for who he was, is and he will be in the future..coz he has work his best to give the best to all..appreciate every talent while we still can…

    take care..

  17. Kimberly Says:

    Look Guys either he does or doesn’t washes his hair, he is still sexy, and he’s making money, he doesn’t need you stupid people to be commenting his hair…. he cares less…..
    In fact, he can come over my house and I’ll wash it for him all night long….. lol

    PS: People talk about him but they should look at them self first, maybe you have something dirtier than him

  18. Beatrice Says:

    His hair stylist washes his hair and styles it. A lot he spends money on it and it takes a long time to get it that certain look! Robert got a short haircut so after that, I just don’t know.

  19. Nicole_izzie Says:

    okayy i really dont think people should be tripping over him not washing his hair, hes his choice .
    but it is kinda gross,
    but what ever hes still an amazing actor, but not at all good looking, i mean come on, EWWIE .. aha

  20. Nicole_izzie Says:

    ****its his choice 😛

  21. danielle Says:

    he is gorgeous whether he washes his hair or not and i think that was some rumor started by some teen boy that dumped after his girlfriend saw twilight and fell in love with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)

  22. teresa F Says:

    so what if he dosen’t bathe often, he has other talents that make up for that tiny flaw, besides i perfer to see him single and that kinda helps keep the ladies away from him now and thenm. Besides i think it serves as a test for whom he chooses to date either they take him as he is or don’t , he’ll find if she is into him or not. u go Rob u bad boy .

  23. jeje Says:

    i dont care sept hes dirty!!

  24. Hah Says:

    You guys are hilarious. If it was some other person, you wouldn’t be defending him now would you?

  25. Howie Says:

    I want to sniff his head x

  26. uhhhhhhh Says:

    i read online gossip about a guy in a vampire movie. i think i have more to worry about in terms of my own choices than his bathing standards.

    i am only posting this to ease my own guilt.

  27. none ya Says:

    that is disgusting!!!! who wants a man who has body odor and greasy hair. mcdonalds could use his grease to make some more french fries and burgers. he is nasty and i totally changed my feelings for him. dont get me wrong, he was great in twilight, but he is a dirtbag!!! take a shower robert!!!

  28. none ya Says:

    oh by the way, even if it weren’t robert, i still flip out because that is just plain gross!!!

  29. lauren Says:

    i really dont care if he does not wash his hair it is not like you are going to date him or meet him person if he does not wan to wash his hair then let him

  30. Anonymous Says:

    i dont care

  31. art Says:

    No, i wouldn’t care. AT ALL

    Still, he has recently said that he does wash it and fans who met him said that he smelled like cologne, anyway, so this post is pointless

  32. edwardrocks Says:

    It’s a little wierd but he is still hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I totally don’t care nd neither should u!

    he is still totally gorgeous no matter wat he smells lyk and dat will never change how most chicks see him lyk me for instance.
    bt i think dat he does shower nd those r jst roumors i mean seriously no ones dat gross!!!!

    get a lyf of ur own nd stop worrying ’bout some1 else’s

  34. I totally don’t care nd neither should u!

    get a lyf of ur own nd stop worrying ’bout some1 else’s

  35. I totally don’t care nd neither should u!

    get a lyf of ur own nd stop worrying ’bout some1 else’s

  36. omggg. Says:

    omgggggg still so sexyyy!

  37. Zulii Says:

    THAT IS FREAKIN GROSS AN DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat kind of a man is he!… i used to love him an al dat in twilight but som one has to push him in to shower one day an give him a bath
    seriously …..

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