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Madonna and A-Rod are busted! November 26, 2008

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Madonna didn’t wait long after getting rid of hunky hubby Guy Ritchie before showing off her younger man meat Alex Rodriguez.  They were busted getting off a private jet right here in Miami yesterday.  She is in town for her “Sticky and Sweet” tour and A-Rod is here to keep Madonna sticky and sweet.

The two jumped into A-Rod’s Maybach to an unknown location.  Do they have no shame?

Source: ONTD


2 Responses to “Madonna and A-Rod are busted!”

  1. Billigflug Says:

    “Do they have no shame?”…
    Hmm-I think everybody can answer this question for himself.
    Madonna is a prime example…She gives nothing on confidentiality ore abstinence 😉
    But we must pose us a question: Is it her aim, ore is she only a blockhead? I think stars like madonna use this particular situations to become more and more popular. And this applies analogously to all similar cases!

  2. You make a valid point. I just think it sucks because his ex-wife Cynthia and his children moved to Miami to get away from this crap and Madonna can’t respect that.

    She shows up here with him. There should be some lines you don’t cross.

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