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Are Jude Law and Sadie Frost getting back together? November 26, 2008

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Could famous ex’s Jude Law and Sadie Frost be getting back together?  UK Mag, Mirror claims its true!  They say that not only are they shopping for a new home together but the couple who are parents to 3 children, have booked a holiday vacation in South America.

A source reveals:

“Jude and Sadie have been getting on fantastically in the past six months. When her business, FrostFrench, went bust, Jude offered his support in any way.  He decided to help her buy somewhere in Hampshire, in the countryside, a real family place. They plan to invest together and give their children a truly loving home.

“They have always tried to stay on good terms for the sake of their kids and Christmas is important to both of them. So this year they’re splashing out on a luxury break to Brazil to spend the festive break as a family.”

Jude and Sadie have been spotted together as recently as Monday at the Royal Opera House in London.


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