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Nicole Kidman on Letterman November 25, 2008

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Nicole Kidman was on Letterman last night to promote her new movie “Australia.”  She confesses she used to pretend she was shorter than she really was because she used to be teased.  I think she used to lie about her height so that ex-hubby Tom Cruise would not seem as short!

They chat about her hubby Keith Urban (more than she thought she would!), horse back riding, her baby girl Sunday Rose and Letterman chats about her face!  He wanted to say how much botox DO YOU use?

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8 Responses to “Nicole Kidman on Letterman”

  1. Oscard Says:

    Incredible legs!!

  2. INChicago Says:

    I was surprised at the way Letterman fawned over Kidman. And I didn’t think she looked all that good (starting to show her age). Kidman struck me as kind of dumb.

  3. It surprised you? Really? Letterman is notorious for hitting on his hottie female guests!

  4. 4eva Says:

    ohhh dear that was absolutely shocking from the moment she wafted onto the stage…

  5. in chicargo what a stupid comment starting to show her age better than fake plastic people like your used to.

  6. ponchik Says:

    it was so mean of him to mention her face! obviously it would make any guest uncomfortable aww
    but it wasn’t as bad as ppl make it seem, idk what the big deal is…

  7. Kelly Says:

    It is not so much the botox but the big 3 inch line of re-growth (gray) showing through her yellow hair. It looked like something you would see at a retirement home and it made me cringe. These stars have way too much money to look bad.
    what is wrong with looking at least a bit natural.

  8. Kelly,
    You made me laugh out loud.


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