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Katie Price is one classy babe! November 20, 2008

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Mother of 3 Katie Price was out in Essex today to promote her latest line of sexy/trashy lingerie for the naughty girls in all of us!  Katie claims that her latest collection is not made for the thin however.

Price said: ‘My Katie Price range is for the bigger busted woman and I can assure you that the bras will give women the best lift and support – and of course look sexy!’

‘There are lots of people who promote their underwear with stick thin models but I wanted to use my family and friends so that’s what I did. Everything about the underwear is what I wear.’

I must say, she has a great body.  I am surprised though with as much plastic surgery she has had no one has suggested to her that she should have some fat plumped into her bottom.  She has this huge rack but her booty lacks!

Photo Cred: cutie3


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