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Julianne Hough hangs up her dancing shoes November 20, 2008


“Dancing with the Stars” may be losing one of its best dancers.  Julianne Hough is saying she may be leaving the show for good.

“I won’t be on Dancing this spring season. I don’t know about the fall. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see,” she says on her blog. “I’m definitely going to focus on the music. My first album was a learning experience, and I can’t wait for the next one. I feel like the writing and producing will be even better, really awesome.”

She is grateful for her fans who have enjoyed her music and patiently waited for her performance last night of ‘My Hallelujah Song.’

“I was excited it finally ran,” she added. “As I wrote a few weeks ago when that was taped, I’ve sung in front of thousands of people, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous as when I performed on the show in front of my peers and the producers.

She added, “It was fun but definitely nerve-wracking.”

She is not shy about who she believes should win during next weeks finale!

“I hope Brooke and Derek win. I think they deserve to win,” she said. “From day one, they’ve been awesome. I think Brooke is the most technically sound of the celebrities and she’s a beautiful dancer.”



2 Responses to “Julianne Hough hangs up her dancing shoes”

  1. DianeGhig Says:

    I believe Brooke & Derek are very, very good. However, I am
    truly wondering if Brooke has had dance training in her past.
    If so, I don’t think it is fair, as I thought the show was all
    about beginners to dancing. Lance, says he has no dancing
    experience. I think it is very unfair to put entertainers, with
    acrobatic or dancing behind them, in competition with true
    beginners. Yamaguchi (the ice skater-sorry if I have mispelled
    her name) should not have beenin the competition…..she was a professional which made it unfair to the others competing against her. I think DancingWith the Stars is a great and entertainiing show, but they need to put those on the show that are comparable in experience. Also, what baffles me is
    why they allow us to vote six times per phone number –
    why not just one vote?

  2. Carl Leonards Says:

    I agree totally with the above comments made by
    Diane Ghig. This show has had unfair competition
    with the experienced vs. the beginners.
    Although this show is highly entertaining and I watch all shows, I too think it is unfair. The voting system also sucks.

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