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Alan Rickman candid in New York November 20, 2008

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Does Alan Rickman live in New York?  Seriously someone out there must know!  He is at so many New York events that I am honestly starting to wonder.

He was spotted on Tuesday leaving his hotel in the City.


6 Responses to “Alan Rickman candid in New York”

  1. animaltalker Says:

    No, he lives in the West End of London with Rima Horton his life partner of over 30 years, however he travels to New York and Los Angeles a lot to promote films he is in or to work (I believe he’s going to be in LA soon to begin work on Alice in Wonderland)

  2. Animaltalker,
    Thanks for the info! I knew someone out there would know. He does spend a lot of time in New York. I hope to bump into him someday soon!

  3. animaltalker Says:

    thanks to you for posting the great pictures of teh man. It’s hard to believe but he’s like fine wine, he gets better with age.

  4. Tenel Says:

    I so agree with Animaltalker on the wine-like sexiness thing.
    But obviously what I most love about him is his voice *drools*

  5. Moonwalker Says:

    It´s wrong! Alan doesn´t live together with Rima.
    And Alan wants to move to New York soon.

  6. xXxSilentThinkerxXx Says:

    Come on Moonwalker you have got to be kidding me, Alan would never leave Rima and move to New York. Hammersmith is a great place to live and Alan and Rima are in love and would never seperate, they are great together so don’t say anything you know nothing about!

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