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Orlando Bloom rox Moscow! November 16, 2008

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Yummylicious Orlando Bloom was in Russia celebrating Land Rover 60th anniversary test drive yesterday. He looks gorgeous with his long, curly hair and a cardigan that only he could make look so hot!

There have been rumors that he and Miranda Kerr had gotten engaged but I hear that Miranda has denied the story. I was hoping that he would have been joining her here in Miami during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night but by the looks of he was having a great time in Moscow.


7 Responses to “Orlando Bloom rox Moscow!”

  1. BigJ Says:

    Looking at him in that sweater makes me feel claustrophobic!… I guess it’s a little chilly in Russia right now though.

  2. romancingthestone Says:

    Anyone with half a brain would see that he is not interested in her. They are so in love with each other and yet he hardly spends anytime with her and the little time he does have to spend with her, it looks as if he’s looking for the nearest exit sign.

    If she wanted to attach her star to him, she picked the wrong person. He is out of her league big time, and it’s time for her to pack up her bra’s and go homance herself somewhere else.

  3. As much as I’d like to say that you are wrong you are probably right on some points. You really can tell that they don’t spend so much time together. They both have very busy schedules and are almost always on opposite sides of the world.

    I am not quite sure he is out of her league. He did date that Kate Bosworth for along time and I find her boring to be quite honest. Miranda is more beautiful but we don’t really know much about her besides her looks.

  4. mia Says:

    Orlando is ageing. It is obvious. He is still hot, but he looks older than he is. It is necessary for him to go back to his job and start filming (movies, not commercials) again. His relationship with fame and money hungry Miranda is fake . She is using him for her promotion, successfully I have to admit. Since dating him she become one of the most popular VS models. Before Bloom, although she vas supermodel and VS angel, there were no paps in front of her door. On the recent photos of them together Orlando looks bored and nervous. In front of Primitivo restaurant, she was all smile, and he looked like he want to escape. I think that Miranda is from the first day of their job-relationship the big mouth. She is the source of all “wedding news” and “plans” . And she denied them as well. All for publicity. All for money and fame. Orlando can do better.

  5. sexiness Says:

    well, here, it says that Miranda Kerr is holding on to Orlando. I dont know how much Orlando is into Miranda, but it does seem like they are engaged.

  6. vodka for him Says:

    Is vodka the reason or it is Miranda s absence to make him happy and relaxed? He looks happier then he was for a long time. His eyes are smiling. When he is with Miranda, he is drop dead serious. And he never look satisfied and content. It is good to see him like this after long time.

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