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I feel so bad for this guy! November 15, 2008

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Can you imagine what is going thru his mind right at this moment?


Little Bo Peep has lost her mind!  What is worse this curly q make-over or the beehive?


4 Responses to “I feel so bad for this guy!”

  1. doulangel Says:

    ok, i have no idea hwo either of them are. do tell.

  2. You don’t know who Amy Winehouse is? She is this train wreck singer from England. She used to wear her hair in this big beehive but she has retired that look and now looks like Little Bo Peep!

    Who knows who the poor guy is but you can tell for sure he is trying to hide his face and not be associated with Wino!

  3. Shirley Temple gone terribly wrong.

  4. BigJ Says:

    Three letters… WTF??…
    She looks like a goth little orphan Annie on crack!

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