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Miranda Kerr does Ocean Drive November 12, 2008

Miranda Kerr Ocean Drive November 2008

Should I show off the total jealousy I have Miranda Kerr?  Not only is the Aussie Supermodel drop dead gorgeous but she is rumored to be engaged to one of my dream men, Orlando Bloom!

She is featured in Miami’s “Ocean Drive” magazine November 2008 edition.  I was shocked to find out that the new Victoria Secret’s fashion show is going to be held here in Miami!

“I’m really excited the show is in Miami; the Fontainebleau is such an iconic venue,” Kerr says. “And a show like this is so extravagant, easily the most theatrical thing we do.”

I wonder if her honey Orlando will be attending with her??!!  Time to get on my stalker shoes!


One Response to “Miranda Kerr does Ocean Drive”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    There’s a new VS commercial with only her, close up, for a whole minute (which seems like an eternity). She makes me think very inappropriate things. She is not from this planet, i bet.

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