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Rose McGowan: Hot or Not November 11, 2008

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I used to love Rose McGowan when she was on “Charmed.”  However, after seeing the outfit she wore during the 1998 MTV Awards where she accompanied her then boyfriend Marilyn Manson, her image got tainted!



Though she has improved, you have to admit  she has had her share of fashion failures.  Last night she was spotted at the Louis XIII Black Pearl’s book party for Matthew Rolston’s “BeautyLIGHT” in Beverly Hills in a cute black dress with some not so cute accesories.

rosenot1 rosenot2 rosenot3

Ring….Ring……..Hey Rose, it’s Roy Orbison. I want my glasses back!


5 Responses to “Rose McGowan: Hot or Not”

  1. A Nonny Mooose Says:

    Well I happen to think she looks sophisticated 😀 BTW that dress incident was BEFORE she joined “Charmed” you might want to do some research before deciding to take a shot at a celebrity just saying.

  2. They were 2 separate comments. I liked her on Charmed. Her fashion sense got tainted after the incident above in 1998.

    This article is based on my opinion. I said I think her fashion choice sucked! Of course you guys have the chance to chime and say how you feel about it in the comments and in the poll.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Sophisticated? She looks like she’s on the casting couch for Velma in the next Scooby Doo series! Tina Fey looks sophisticated, Palin looks sophisticated, McGowan looks like she dressed as a female counterpart of Elton John for Halloween!! Sad. She needs to find a happy medium between the two sets of pics above. 😉

  4. BigJ Says:

    Erm? No… Not good. I think even Dennis Rodman would turn his nose up at that little combo (before and after by the way)… I agree with ‘AS’ that there is some improvement. Emphasis on ‘some’.
    Sophisticated?? Not yet… Keep trying Rose.

  5. “her image got tainted”….did you mean to throw in that TAINT pun? because I am pretty sure you could def pull that off

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