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For all my pervy Harry Potter Fans…. November 10, 2008

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Have you been dying to see a picture of Daniel Radcliffe’s magic wand?  Finally someone snapped some pix and a vid of his magical member.  While I’d love to be the one to post them, I feel like a total perv!

I will leave it up to you guys, but if your gonna watch  make sure to watch the video.  That’s all I will say!  Click here for the goods!


11 Responses to “For all my pervy Harry Potter Fans….”

  1. Oh my fucking God. I am just speechless.

  2. Taylor Blue Says:

    Wow…that is so not how I thought it would be. And I mean that in a bad bad bad way.

  3. I feel horrible talking about it because he is 19 but I totally agree!

  4. Little Harry it exactly that…

  5. lol damn girl! How many times have you watched it???

  6. I think I like the Heidi on better. lol

  7. I think it will be tough to top Heidi.

  8. That’s what she said.

  9. missanonymous Says:

    hairy nipples :L
    but still scarily HOT
    i love it 😛
    DanRad is DELICOUSSS,

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