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Evan Rachel Wood or Dita Von Teese? November 10, 2008

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Evan Rachel Wood and Dita Von Teese have so much in common!  They both have 3 parts to their name, both had a relationship with Marilyn Manson and both were born in September.

But honestly Rachel, you should try to be your own person and stop copying Dita.  If you check out the first picture I think she actually looks a little bit like Manson!

That’s not to take away that she does look gorgeous in this dress.  She just needs to change her hair color back and stop trying to be someone else.


11 Responses to “Evan Rachel Wood or Dita Von Teese?”

  1. I totally agree- plus I think that dark hair color is WAY to harsh on her!

  2. It is way too harsh on her! Her skin tone is far too pale to play off this dark of a color.

  3. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    It so silly…Why would you wnt to emulate your boyfriend’s ex-wife? It made me think she was Mason’s puppet, which I thought anyway especially since she’s so young.

  4. Her age definitely has something to do with all this. Hopefully she will learn from all this and find herself. Sounds so cheesy but I think its so true!

  5. And I just heard something about her and Mickey Rourke?

  6. yuck….he’s a homophobic nasty guy!

  7. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    They say they’re friends, but the paps shot pictures of them kissing, and well she does have this thing for older guys. But I too hope she does find herself


    … she TOTALLY doesn’t have the curves to pull off a Dita pose.

  9. Right you are BluntBitch!

  10. Moon Jun Says:

    SHE SUCKS!!!

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