Accidental Sexiness


More Olga Kurylenko! November 7, 2008


Since “Quantum of Solace” and “Max Payne” have become such huge hits, prepare to see a whole lot more of Olga Kurylenko! She is the December 2008 cover girl for Maxim Germany.

I adore the boots she is wearing for this photo shoot. I must find a pair for me to flaunt this holiday season!


One Response to “More Olga Kurylenko!”

  1. James Mason Says:

    Olga is the hot gir of the moment right now with roles in all kind of movies. She is headlining the action movie Kirot.

    In the movie she plays a woman that is coerced into becoming a hit woman for a shadowy organization after being imprisoned for working as a prostitute.

    She escapes from her new employees and joins forces with an abused woman she encounters on the run. Together they embark on a campaign of revenge.

    Sound like the movie NIKITA to me but with olga and that makes it 100% better 🙂 and the original NIKITA movie is great!

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