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What do Kat’s tats mean? November 6, 2008

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I haven’t seen any new pix of Kat Von D in a hot minute.  I was happy to stumble onto this article about what some of her tats mean in the latest issue of TV Guide magazine.


Did you wonder about the famous stars on her face?

“I’ve acquired all these stars on my face over the years.  I was adamant about not adding any more-and then I went out and added seven.  I’m probably done with them now.”

For all the big Kat fans, you know she has her family tattooed all over.  She has her mom posted on her shoulder, her dad is featured on her inner right forearm, her sister is on her left arm, and her little brother is on her right wrist.

But which tattoo started it all?  A letter J-which stands for James, her first love.

“We broke up, much like many 14-year-olds do,  but I would never cover it up.  I have about 10 different guys’ names on me.  I look at my tattoos like landmarks-I see them and think about the good times.”


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