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ScarJo shows off new tat! November 6, 2008

scarfox6 scarfox4

Recently married Scarlett Johansson attended “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinsons” benefit for the M. J. Fox Foundation in New York last night. ScarJo wearing this gorgeous ivory dress showed off a new, very colorful tattoo on her left forearm.

I have a tattoo myself and I must admit, I prefer to have it somewhere I can hide it if I need to. This tattoo ruins that nearly flawless look she had. Anyone have an idea what the tat means?

She also shows off her golden bauble given to her by her hubby Ryan Reynolds who was also in attendance.  Unfortunately, the sexy couple did not pose together.


One Response to “ScarJo shows off new tat!”

  1. I am an advocate of tattoos. I have 8 hidden tattoos. I can’t understand why someone in her profession would think this one was a good idea…

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