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Kim Cattrall is the ultimate icon! November 6, 2008

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“Sex and the City” star Kim Cattrall was honored last night in London.  She took home the Ultimate Icon Award at the Cosmopolitan Magazine Ultimate Women of the Year awards.

“I will never, ever get used to receiving these awards because I always think of an icon as someone so much more important than I am, and especially some of the women in that room.”

“They’re saving people’s lives – I mean, I make people laugh, hopefully, and I entertain them and I love to do that, but I am really inspired by these men and women who really give up so much of their lives and really change the world,” she said

“I’m so proud to be here tonight, just being in the room with all these people who I believe are real icons.”

Other winners were Britney Spears who won Ultimate Comeback Star, while Sugababes were given the Ultimate Mistresses of Music award and R ‘n’ B singer Estelle was awarded the Ultimate Believe In Your Talent award.


2 Responses to “Kim Cattrall is the ultimate icon!”

  1. Slipstream Says:

    Kim Cattrall always looks so gorgeous. No matter what she is doing, she always looks great. I just got her voice on my GPS as a voice download from She now tells me where to go turn by turn and I love it.

  2. Get out! Really? She has her voice on a GPS? Love it, I must get a GPS at once.

    I love Kim also!

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