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Heidi Klum is my Guitar Hero! November 6, 2008

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Could I possibly try to hate Heidi Klum for looking so incredibly hot after having 3 babies?  IMPOSSIBLE!  I love Heidi.  She makes life seem so easy.  She is a gorgeous model, mother, wife, reality tv show host and gawd knows what else she squeezes into her schedule.

Heidi is currently starring in a new promotion for “Guitar Hero” where she re-enacts one of Tom Cruises most famous movie scenes.

Thanks to my reader Leslie for the tip!


24 Responses to “Heidi Klum is my Guitar Hero!”

  1. I know. Thanks for the nod. I knew you’d appreciate this video for its absurdity.

  2. Thanks for the tip! You know me so well!

  3. I have probably watched this video like 14 times today. She just looks damn amazing.

  4. lol, I am sooo jealous. Seriously.

  5. Dude I know. It is an amazing thing…Heidi Klum is not human.

  6. Did you see those pictures of her right after she had her youngest son? 5 minutes after she had nearly a flat stomach and was on the Victoria Secret runway.

    She has to be a robot or alien or something. I”m convinced.

  7. I did see those pics. German engineered robot I assume. I always say Seal is one lucky dude lol.

  8. I want to see her in real life. Can she really be that hot? sigh…I bet in person she looks even better!

  9. Can’t get near her because of the hottness radiating off of her. Like she is a nuclear site or something. Hahaha.

  10. so true…… true! We’re not worthy!

  11. I just re-watched this…her bod is unreal.

  12. Haha its fun to watch over and over and over. Like not a jiggle on her. Like the jumping around boobs popping out, but she remains toned. And no stretch marks from the babies.

  13. I swear, I do not lie when I say you read my mind! When I watch it, I watch when she jumps up and down……no jiggle. The jumping around boob part, PLEASE. My boobs would have already popped out and probably knocked me unconscious!

    I think maybe she made a deal with the devil.

  14. And its not like they are mini boobs. They are like normal human average female boobs..the kind that pop out! Oh what a topic. My mind will surely be contemplating the physics of Heidi Klums breasts tonight before bed! Damn science.

  15. I also noticed at the end she is practically humping the tattoo.

  16. I mean guitar, but typed tattoo? I am not drunk I swear.

  17. Drunk commenting, me never. I have to work tomorrow. Get up at 5am.

  18. I get up at 5 am too. At least its Friday!

  19. I know. I am so excited for the weekend. Any big plans?

  20. You should email me! Everyone can read this! ha ha

  21. well how does a smart chick like me get that email?

  22. Also note that at the 30 second mark in the video the pillow by her head falls off the couch. Then at 33-38 to seconds the pillow is back in place. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off! Continuity editing!

  23. […] @ 9:21 pm Tags: Ellen, guitar hero, heidi klum, Interview, video I know you guys loved that youtube video of the gorgeous Heidi Klum promoting “Guitar Hero,” so here is more Heidi! She […]

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