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Christina Applegate will get special birthday gift November 6, 2008

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Christina Applegate has had a tough year, but don’t feel bad for her.  She is a survivor.

After going thru a double masectomy in July she will undergo reconstructive surgery at the end of this month,  just in time for her 37th Birthday.

“I still have quite a process until this is done,” she says in the new issue of TV Guide. “Yes, it’s hard. It sucks. But I’m not a victim.”

Ever since she was diagnosed she has changed her outlook on life.

“I started looking for a beach house the day I found out I had this little disease,” she says. “You just kind of go, ‘What are you waiting for to get the things that you want and the things you dream of?’

“I don’t own tomorrow or yesterday – today is all I’ve got,” she adds. “And if I don’t make today good, then I’m only gonna’ be pissed off tomorrow!”



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