Accidental Sexiness


Steve Guttenberg goes jogging sans bottom! November 5, 2008

This video has got to be a joke! “Police Academy” actor and “Dancing with the Stars” alum Steve Guttenberg was recorded taking a leisurely job in a public park with no pants or undies on! WTF??!!

Notice the moment when the cameraman says, “Where are your pants?” Classic!


6 Responses to “Steve Guttenberg goes jogging sans bottom!”

  1. Isn’t this a strange video? I love the part where he says, “Keep Smiling!”

  2. Al Sanchez Says:

    This is so strange. He acts like it’s just another sunny day. He probably has lost it. When a person doesn’t see anything wrong with this then they need an M.D. Very interesting.

  3. I know right! I was wondering if it was a joke, maybe we were being punked!? He was so serious though!

  4. doulangel Says:

    nu uh! that can’t be real!

  5. jsal Says:

    haha, i saw him that day at the park. twas weird

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