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Kate Winslet: I was not photoshopped! November 4, 2008

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Ever since these gorgeous pictures of Kate Winslet started making the rounds on the internet yesterday, people started saying that she had been photoshopped to look thinner.  This has made Kate furious!

“Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed,” her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

In 2003, GQ magazine ran some pictures of her that were photoshopped to hell and she had to apologize for it. I don’t think she wants to go thru that again.

“She is in terrific shape and what you see is how she looks or she would never have agreed to pose for those shots,” adds her rep.

Personally I think she looks stunning in these photos and don’t really care if they were digitally altered.  All celebrities get touched up for magazines and advertisements.

“The only retouching was the usual work on skin tone that happens in every glamour shoot,” adds the rep.


5 Responses to “Kate Winslet: I was not photoshopped!”

  1. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    I think her tush looks a little too well formed and smooth, but whatever. I could really care less, I don’t expect too much reality from fashion shoots.

  2. Yeah that’s what I say too. I love fashion shoots. I don’t care how it’s done really. I think her shoot is gorgeous!

  3. jeffmaia Says:

    Fuck the photoshop.. what really matters is the essence of the pictures.. she is amazing.. I’ll do a post about this issue ASAP…

  4. Thanks Jeff, I agree 100%

  5. Antoni Says:

    So sexy seleb…

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